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Must eats in Copenhagen


A 48 hour guide to one of the most regarded food cities. Copenhagen has some of the best restaurants in the world and does not disappoint when it comes to amazing cuisine so is a must for any food fanatics.

From street food to classic danish fare, this guide explores a number of hidden gems with details and recommendations to check out on your next visit to the capital.


Located in Nyhavn, it was at this restaurant where I found one of my favourite dishes of all time.

Aside from the seafood and open sandwiches - danish meatballs are one of the must haves when visiting the city.

Also referred to as frikadeller - these meatballs are served with an array of traditional sides and I highly recommend frequenting Hyttefadet to enjoy this dish.


Døp - den økologiske pølsemand

With a number of food carts scattered around the city, døp is a hot dog joint with some great options for everybody.

As someone who enjoys a varied plate - I really liked having an assortment of organic and delicious sides to my garlic sausage - one of seven different award winning sausages to choose from.

Definitely the perfect pitstop while venturing around the city. Try and get a range of toppings if you can!

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Thrilla in Manilla

Thrilla in Manila is a Filipino BBQ food stand, the first in Denmark.

Located in the heart of Reffen - Copenhagen’s premier street food market is a must visit for the food hall and river views alone.

Although not exactly the most traditional of cuisine, it is a great spot to venture to for some evening drinks and excellent street food.

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Ved Kajen

Found in Nyhavn - the main tourist district in Copenhagen overlooking the waterfront and one of the more popular spots in the city.

Ved Kajen offers some great lunch options such as the fish platter and open sandwiches.

A beautiful place to have a small bite to eat with some amazing views and relaxed atmosphere - it is suggested to be seated on the terrace for a more enjoyable experience.

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Discovered through an episode of Travel Man featuring Richard Ayoade - I was sold very early on including Aamanns during my visit to Copenhagen and was definitely not disappointed.

I decided to go for the picnic option which included a drink, sides and a choice of two open sandwiches - locally referred to as smørrebrød which was a very fun experience to unbox and more importantly- super tasty.

Packaged in a reusable souvenir bag, Aamanns is located right next to the scenic Østre Anlæg park which is the ideal spot to go to enjoy your picnic.

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My top picks


Whether it’s for a glitzy date night or a low key dinner, I’ve ranked my top 5 favourite sushi experiences in London.

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#1: Sakagura

In the heart of Mayfair this upscale sushi restaurant makes for the perfect date to impress that someone special.

Top picks:
🍣 Dragon roll: grilled kabayaki eel over avocado & king prawn. 🏆 winner!
🍣 Sunshine roll: fresh hamachi yellowtail sashimi, negi spring onion & shiso flake roll with chives, wasabi dust & a yuzu garlic mayo dressing.
🍣 Ebi tempura: king prawn tempura and avocado.

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#2: Sasa Sushi

A very low key and casual spot - don’t let this fool you, Sasa is home to quite possibly some of the most delicious sushi I’ve ever eaten!

Top picks:
🍣 Crunchy tuna roll: seared tuna topped with spring onion, sesame, wasabi tobiko, crunchy tempura flakes, salmon, avocado & spicy mayo. 🏆 winner!
🍣 Jumbo: Prawn tempura, crabstick, cream cheese and mayo, topped with salmon with unagi sauce.
🍣 Lobster roll: lobster claw meat, spring onion, wasabi tobiko, crunchy tempura batter & Japanese mayo.
🍣 Summer roll: White crab meat, cucumber, Japanese mayo, coated with flying fish caviar.

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#3: Chotto Matte

With picture perfect platters, sushi at chotto matte almost looks to good to eat, but please do yourself a favour!

Top picks:
🍣 Ebi (prawn) tempura roll
🍣 Sake (salmon) dragon roll
🍣 4-piece nikkei dressed sushi: tuna yuzu soy, scallop aji amarillo, salmon black garlic butter, yellowtail yuzu truffle. 🏆 winner!

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#4: Sticks & Sushi

Come for the platters stay for the sushi! This spot is a favourite that will never fail you time after time.

Top picks:
🍣 NIGIRI seared salmon, tuna and avocado.
🍣 MAKI spicy tuna, crispy ebi and rice paper with duck and goma.

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#5 Oka

Oka offers a beautiful range of sushi at reasonable prices. In the hub of Kingly Court this is the perfect spot to start your weekend.

Top picks:
🍣 Red dragon roll: Spicy mayo, panko prawn and avocado topped with tuna tartar and ponzu. 🏆 winner!
🍣 Salmon with avocado, cucumber and lime mayo.

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Special mention: Sushi Samba

On the 39th floor of Heron tower in London lies this restaurant and bar with the experience of capturing sky high views of London. Not to be missed!

Top picks:
🍣 Ezo: soy marinated salmon, asparagus, onion, chives, sesame, tempura crunch, soy paper, wasabi mayo.
🍣 California maki: snow crab, Cornish brown crab, cucumber, avocado, sesame, jalapeño mayo.

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Must eats in San Francisco


Famous for street food, start ups a-plenty and all round top notch world cuisine, visiting the bay area is a must for those keen to explore the food scene of the golden state.

With a wide range of eclectic spots from fresh seafood to soul food to classic dining - San Francisco has a rife variety of amazing options.

For those who have 48 hours or more in the area, this guide details my favourite discoveries to check out when visiting San Francisco.

Fish & Chips - Sausalito

Located in proximity to the Muir woods forest park, lies the little town of Sausalito - situated a short but highly recommended cruise from Pier 39.

If lucky enough to visit on ideally a beautiful sunny day, the allure of the seaside classic in the heart of the town, can not be missed.

As a seafood fanatic and a born & raised Brit residing in London, I can attest that if in need of a good fish & chips feed - this is the place to go to.

Ample visiting time is recommended not only to provide enough time to peruse the menu at leisure, but also with being a hot spot, expect orders to take 10-15 mins.

Despite not serving the classic chip-shop chips as preferred in the UK, the fried shrimp especially hits the mark. Special mention to the quaint decor and condiments-a-plenty.

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Brenda’s French Soul Food

In what I regret to be my soul visit to the heartiest of soul food joints - Brenda’s was my first stop and should I ever venture to San Francisco again will be the first place on my list to return to.

The southern restaurant with an influence from New Orleans, the menu at Brenda’s makes it very difficult to not over-order, particularly with the many creole dinner options.

In what is a traditional french dish the various twists featured on the beignet flight, makes it a worthwhile order. The standout definitely being the crayfish beignet - best served with Louisiana hot sauce.

Brenda’s hosts an authentic experience and more importantly delicious food. A must eat and one for the books.

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Pier Market Seafood Restaurant

Situated in the heart of Pier 39 near Fisherman’s wharf, Pier Market Seafood Restaurant as the name suggests, features some of the freshest and finest seafood in the area.

As a tourist hub, the restaurant is filled with lively ambiance but can get pretty busy - so although walk ins are available it is advisable to prebook.

With a broad menu - it is recommended to order and sample a selection of dishes as well as cocktails. The crab cakes were absolutely heavenly.

As a dining experience - it was certainly memorable with amazing views of the pier. I could not find fault in the food and would go as far as to say my meal here was one of my all time favourites.

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Tony’s Pizza Napoletana

Upon researching the food scene in SF, Tony’s immediately caught my attention with owner and chef Tony Gemignani having been awarded many pizza accolades as well as winning ‘world’s pizza champion’ an astounding 13 times.

Walk in’s made impossible with tables booked out and waiting lists spanning hours - the best way to ensure a visit is to join the virtual list on their Yelp page, 2-3 hours in advance of your preferred visit time.

Once seated, unless you know exactly what you want you will most likely be overwhelmed by the many pages of choices. After a length of time and many worries of ‘FOMO’ later, you should have ordered some version of a pizza - many of which award winning.

Do order with thought and experiment if possible. My favourite which reminiscent of a folded pizza, was the stromboli which was definitely a surprising winner.

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Located in the heart of Fisherman’s wharf, Cioppino’s is a long standing establishment with traditional Italian food and great service.

With happy hour promotions and a number of appetizers, pastas and entrees to choose from, what stands out is the signature dish - the self named bountiful seafood extravaganza: Cioppino.

In what was the most mammoth portion for one - the fish stew is not for the faint of heart. Almost impossible for one to devour, it is recommended this dish be consumed by at least two people.

After being in business for five generations, it is evident why - aside from the great location and friendly staff, the food speaks for itself.

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My top picks


How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with at least 5 sides, in the early hours of the afternoon as I nurse the aftermath of the night before. See my top recommendations for best breakfast/brunch eats below.

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#1: Milk Cafe

I can only now dream about how tasty Milk’s combinations were and will forever live to recreate the tastiest of meals I had there.

Top picks:
🍳 Young Betty: Poached eggs, sourdough & burnt butter hollandaise with seasonal greens.
🍳 Sweet Maria: Sweetcorn fritters, grilled halloumi, avocado, drycured bacon, kasundi (the best spicy sauce) & lime. 🏆 my winner!

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#2: Gokyuzu

If Turkish food is your passion- a breakfast at Gokyuzu is hard to beat. This spot is not only a ten but a solid vegetarian option.

Top picks:
☕️ Turkish tea.
🍴Gokyuzu breakfast: Free range eggs, avocado, muska boregi (feta & mozzarella parcel), grilled mushrooms, grilled tomato, halloumi, olives, rocket, butter & jam. Also available with turkish sausage.

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#3: Dobar

Have you ever been so confused what you want for breakfast that you just want it all? This is the perfect place for you- sweet and savoury on one plate.

Top pick:
🍳 OMG breakfast: pancakes served with scrambled eggs, bacon, Cumberland sausage, hash browns, baked beans with fruits, clotted cream & maple syrup.

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#4. Core

If bottomless brunches are your game then Core definitely hits the spot. Core offers great food, an array of cocktails and also functions as a lively city night spot!

Top picks:
🍳 Eggs Royale: Glenarm organic smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin and hash browns.
🍳 English Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Cumberland Sausage, streaky bacon, mushrooms, beans, hash browns & toasted bloomer bread.

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My top picks


Those with dairy or gluten intolerances - look away now, I’ve ranked my top 3 favourite pizza places.

For more pizza insights follow my Instagram: @foodsheloves