To bring awareness of every day's violence of sexual assult.. """: in helping our community in bettering our self position in life gifts so we can more better watch our footings. To keep our community safe as well has happy. direction we walk through with where we put out feet support and counseling and what ever we can help with as a victim my self to am scared to stand but if I stop standing up the I won't have feet at all. And I love my feet so dontate help raise awareness to and with foot awareness ❤💜

I am here to raise awareness by our feet against sexual violence. I was a victim and with out my community I couldn't recover without my peer and family . I would like to raise money for to help those whome may have some special needs and any set backs they may have for moving forwards . As such personal to nonpersonal items they may need .. and to help make our community feel safe .✌💁

This is now a foot in the right direction if u would like to help . I can be reache>d at. or 7193549378 and or u can go to my istatgram and message me

Our costuming, Log burner,s designed

These are warmers all the way to burners fire is unsafe unless contained property. With log burners u can stay warm when in the cold And feel safe from accidental out of controlled 🔥

Have a logburner and cook outdoors all u gotta do is email me and we can get an order to u . A bundle of five or a single one for a party .they burner up to three hours .