Being a mother of 3

Life as a stay at home mom of 3

Where do I begin... I just recently quit my accounting job to stay home with my 10 month old son Roman, 20 month old daughter Elizabeth and 9 year old daughter Angelina.

This covid 19 shook our family, it started about 2 weeks ago when my brother in law tested positive, it was terrible and we were all worried. The thing is this ,my brother in law and his soon to be wife live in the same house as my mother in law who has carded for our two youngest since my Elizabeth was 3 months old. She takes care of them while myself and husband work full time. I got the phone call at work my husband says you have to go pick up the kids my brother has covid.

So I immediately leave work, pick them up and go home with them, my husband comes home we all go get tested with in 2 hours of finding out, we paid to get the 15 min test and we were all covid free.

Well we were so happy and relieved. Then were we like ok what's the next step, they can't go back we have to make sure the children are never in that position again. The only solution that made sense was for me to stay home....

Well let's say it has been an amazing ride, I am Learning how to be with my kids all day , who would of thought that would have been something I would need to learn to do, I am their mother after all.. well It's a learning process and and first I felt guilty about that , but I was a full time, career minded woman who came home to her baby's and now I am stay at home full time mommy. It's going to be an exciting adventure ✌💁

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