Adai Veracruz

Licensed Professional

Hey there, my name is Adai Veracruz - I am a licensed Wedding Officiant and Travel Coach located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have a passion for creativity and organization, I also have a love for event planning. 

I am a mom, a wife, I love to travel and I like comedy. I love sports cars and art. Two things I (typically) can't go without are wifi and my daily organizer. lol! Fun fact (I Love Lucy), I'm a sucker for suspense movies and will binge watch pretty much anything with a suspenseful story line. My favorite music genre is smooth jazz and I am relaxed by the gentleness of butterflies.

I'm often asked how did I land in my profession. Well here's my story short and sweet. I believe that love is love, I am a proud believer of equality and that any two hearts who fall in love is so angelic! My wife and I were together for 6 years before the supreme court ruled equality for same sex couples here in Las Vegas back in 2014, it then granted us the opportunity to legally get married, so we did and were of the 1st 100 same sex couples to legally marry in Nevada. After this I always had the desire to be available for my community as an officiant, and to wed other same sex couples without judgement.  I am proud of my LGBTQ community and relish sharing my story with other couples and their forever love. As for becoming a Travel Coach well, I have a passion for travel and being able to show others how to save money on their travel and, learn about different parts of the world has always intrigued me so I became a Coach to help others make their travel dreams become a reality as well.

I look forward to working with you soon!

Adai Veracruz