Hello, J.

As you have entered this place, welcome.

Hello, Jiji.

Do you have a thought what is this place for? It's for you, as you can see. I run out of ideas about what should I give for you for this special day, the day when you turn to be an adult, and I just got this one. To give you this thing. I know this one maybe looks so simple, but despite of all, I hope you like it.

I know maybe this is so late. I'm sorry about that. When I type this, I still don't know what should I give to you but I will just let it flow, just like how my heart always flows to give you all my love. Sounds cringe but it's okay, this is you special day, anyway.

And last but once again, despite how this simple gift will be, I hope you like it.

Yours truly,

Hopes for you.

I said these will be so simple, right?

Hi, Jiji.

Meskipun aku udah punya gambaran sedikit-sedikit, sampai di sini aku masih bingung apa yang mau aku ketik buat kamu. Although I know this will be so simple, tapi semoga nanti jatuhnya gak terlalu maksain dan sampai ke hati kamu ya heheh.


Happy birthday, Pwark Jisung. So the time that you waited has been coming, huh? The time when you are fully an adult. Are you happy? I really hope so and I'm happy for you, Jisungie.

Cepet banget, ya, dulu waktu awal-awal kita ketemu, kita selalu bilang: "Jisung adult-nya masih lama." But finally, we are here now. Gak kerasa, tau-tau udah 5 Februari 2021. Tapi umur cuma angka. I know you have been through many things in this world that make you be the mature one and make your heart and soul be stronger. But still, for me, you are always being my big baby: the one whose the soft heart continually I keep to always be intact.


I might be the last person who say birthday greeting to you, but I hope every the best things in this world will come to you, no matter it's little thing or the big one. This world isn't easy at all, even it's the opposite. But since you are here now, standing proudly with your own feet, is the proof that you are strong. But even if I know that fact, I'll still pray the best for you, from over here.

Both Park Jisung and Jidan Kasatya are such hardworkers, I can see that. But even if I also know the fact that the one who works hard will get its result, I still want to pray: may your life always fills with happinesses that you never can count it how much it is, and may God always protects you.

I know those sound so simple but again, I don't care. All the things that I can conclude is, I do really hope, you will always be happy because know you are happy is enough for me.


Last but not least.

I thank to God for bringing you to this world. Thank you for being exist. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for being my someone special.

If you ask how grateful I am to have you, the answer is uncounted. Kalau dipikir-pikir, kamu bukan sekedar pacar buat aku, tapi juga teman terbaik, sekaligus kakak kalau aku perlu nasihat. Tapi jangan salah sangka, ya hehe, rasa sayangku ke kamu tentunya tetap sebagai pacar dan itu gak bisa dihitung. Banyak hari yang udah kita lalui, dan pastinya, itu semua amat berarti buat aku. It changed my dark days to be colorful.

I have known that home is not always about four walls, it can be a person. And I found you, someone whom I consider a home. The one whom I share my happy or sad feelings with, the one whom I want to embrace with so much love inside it. Turned out it can be that amazing, to be loved by you. Thank you for loving me and I love you.

Once again, happy birthday, Park Jisung.

With love,
Zhong Chenle.