for you, my best boy.

happy birthday to you, baby! this is my small gift for you, i hope u like it !

so this is a lil gift from me to you, darling ! ik we just got together a couple of days ago but it's your special day and i just wanna keep on making you happy ! although this is my first time making something like this ( forgive ur boyfie pls, am a lil dumdum with gift ideas ), i really had fun making this for you ! i'm literally so excited to show this to you KFJEKDIDWJ i just hope i do a good job for this ! u just deserve the best babie, so i have to make sure that this passes ! 🤞

aaAAA i'm just really lucky to have met u, i didn't expect to bump against someone who really vibes with my awkward self, but u just did ! you're really adorable and even though we had a rather quick time getting together, i'm not scared of it at all because ik i'd love u even more as time passes KFJDJDKEJ— like literally it's so easy to love someone as sweet and adorable and lovable like you ! 🥺

i'm gonna predict that i'd get too impatient and give you this lil gift a bit too early, but honestly i think i'm set on just making you happy- you can go back and read this again on the 7th if you want, of course!

if i could only bake u a cake on the 7th i really will make one KFKEKFFLEOWO- but i guess i can settle for making a blog about making one for u hihi.. and of course, endless cuddles and kithes from ur 6ft bunny boyfriend ! though it doesn't have to be ur bday for me to spoil you with luv, i'd give you more and more of it on ur birthday ( maybe w a lil spice HOHOHOHO ) just so i can keep i happy and all warm and fuzzy~

i wanna say more but i kinda wanna save it for our next celebration.. there's still so much of you that i can learn and discover, so i'd take my sweet time to get to know my baby. i wish you more happiness with ur life right now, and i hope that we can make more cute and wholesome memories together, even just virtually !

with lots n lots n lots of luv,


i 💝 u, beomie !! so much !!