to my beloved, louis.

to my beloved, louis.

it’s been 2 months since i met you yet the comfort and happiness you gave me since day one still stayed. do know that i’ll be here for you, supporting you in everything you wish to do. you are truly one of the best persons i’ve ever met. i am thankful that you allowed me to stay in your life up until this day, thank you for letting me see the different fragments of your being. you are a beautiful soul, one that i’ll always love and adore.

you were the peace that calmed the chaos in my mind— the one who brought colors to my dull life, painting this empty canvas vividly with your love.

you happened in the middle of all the madness inside my very own abyss, you managed to calm me down and embraced me as if saying you have no intentions of inflicting pain. and for once, after a long time of spending days weeping in sadness, i allowed myself to be embraced by someone i’ve barely ever known.
and it turned out to be a decision i’ll never regret, for i am now engulfed with love and tranquility.

you embraced my lacking soul and imperfections— telling me that I am worthy of witnessing the vivid hues of the universe and the beautiful things that exist. but all those, i found within you, my beloved. you are my universe, and more.

i was drawn to you in a way that i always choose to see the good in you— the light that’s mostly hidden beneath the dark you’ve lived with, for the world always takes your hurt way less that what they are. little did you know, this light is overwhelming— it shines brighter than any celestial body made, banishing the dark shadows that dare to surround your path. slowly you accepted that light, and i loved you more with every layer of yourself that you have enraveled for me.

you, who brought me the light i once lost, is the sweetest thing i’ve ever known, the purest form of love that i will always adore.

every quality of yours— every action, every moment— i treasure them all. with all those, i was reminded I was not alone— that i was with a beautiful soul, that is you.

only yours, sei.