Who is Jordan?

A Boyfriend I am so grateful of having

Hello, world. Thank you for being a witness to what I will be saying to my boyfriend as he is asleep right now. Okay. Now, let me talk to him directly as if he is here. Stay quiet, world. My boyfriend needs a sound sleep.

First thing first, thank you for existing and coming to me to have this little fun times we could call as leisurely dating.

You are unapologetically yourself and it helps me to stay naturally myself as well. You have a way with showing the world how to love loudly, how to openly appreciate your partner and have me in this case, to be the center of your day's main topic. I think that's one of your best charms. That's something to learn from you to improve myself to be better in this aspect.

Psssst. A secret fun fact: I do admit I am a better lover in private type of a person. So, usually there's this gap image I build, a talkative clingy lover only in front of his partner and a fierce barking (what is this) tsundere I-don't-look-like-I-love-you-but-I-love-you type in public.

airing to the world: WHY is my boyfriend so clingy today
me in front of my partner: get back to me let me CLING TO YOU I MISS U.

Badly wish I could have shown you that aspect better. Sincere apology from my part for being suddenly busy on my second day that I could only manage to interact with you publicly on the first day. What we did on the first day was fun and I do, I do hope I could give you more of that because I enjoy talking to you publicly more than you could probably imagine. #Lyfesuck (but okay since it has you in it, I will manage.)

Second. Thank you for all the fun dates. Every bits of our conversation was enjoyable, I could laugh thanks to you. Our movie date was perfect. (Not the movie, but us, we are perfect and our date session is perfect there I could ask for more #approved) My quality time loving enjoys every minute we spend together.

Third. Thank you for being so understanding to my sudden tendency of being a baby. Thank you for being a lover who tries his best. Thank you for loving me and making me feel loved and appreciated and letting me love you too. Wow, this sentence. Lovingception. It's real. I am grateful of the chance. I wouldn't say no for another chance to love each other again. (The world needs to know about this because #approved pt 2) my words of affirmation loving approves this.

Fourth. Thank you for every little thing you gave me. You are such a gift giver, aren't you? That's sweet and cute at the same time. You know to make your partner smile and get surprised. #approved 3.

There's only one tiny thing that perhaps was a miss, but it's not a grand thing. I wish there would be some sort of a better response to the imagine bait we had agreed on because hold hands! Pats in the back! You did well for the day! Like that some sort of encouragement in imagine format would make the bond feels stronger (not saying it is not strong right now because hey! You are my raccoon baby protector already).

But that's okay because all the other things you did to me cover that up.

Once again, thank you for being so genuinely you in being a lover. You are not forcing anything and you do things because you want to, I can feel that. You are calling me with endearing nicknames not all the time but always, always in the perfect and unexpected times. That's really nice. Thank you for your dedication to make sure I enjoy this session (I do!) to the fullest. Thank you for always making time for me too despite your exhausting Sunday (oh poor us for being unexpectedly busy on a Sunday that's supposed to be a sleeping day). I appreciate you for always checking up on me too and dropping by as fast as you can whenever I summon you. #happytears

Now that our session has come to an end, let me tell you that I don't regret this at all. I love our session and would always gladly re-do it should we ever get another chance because I do think you deserve better. (omg what is this cliche break up line) (but #truth)

I hope you are gonna have a nice day and get some resting time today. Let's not be a stranger, indeed, so I won't put too many message here as if we couldn't talk anymore.

But the most important thing is!!! Prioritise yourself and your well being. Always, always.

your raccoon, K.