Happy Valentine’s day

i love u

hey baby, happy valentine’s day. thank you for being my hero. i look up to you in every way possible and i am so grateful to have you in my life and to be able to call you mine. you’ve helped me get through my toughest times and you’ve kept me on my feet. you’re the most amazing person i have ever met. thank you for all the memories we have already created, and the adventures we have been on. i will forever cherish the little things. your warmth and touch is the safest thing in the world and i feel like nothing can ever hurt me. you help me work on myself. you push me to my limits and make me try my hardest with everything. you’ve taught me how to love; and most importantly you’ve made me feel loved. no one has ever made me feel this way before. i want you to know that i’m not going anywhere, and no matter what happens it’s you and me forever. I PROMISE. i love you with my whole heart <333

Chapter One

meeting you

fucking hell hahaha. i don’t think i have ever been this scared in my life to meet someone. i went with a mind set of just being friends with you, nothing more, nothing less. and look where we are now. i remember not talking to each other for a solid 2 hours and the first thing i said to you was some joke that you didn’t even find funny. hmmm sounds familiar. then i remember laying on the couch with you while everyone went outside. at this point i was about to die. my heart was pounding and i’ve never been so nervous. straight after that we became a lot more comfortable with each other. we just clicked, and i am so glad we did.

Chapter Two

Catching up again

okay not gonna lie i was even more afraid to see you alone then with people. i had no idea what your family were gonna think of me. i didn’t know what to talk about, or do. i remember sitting on your bed for a hot minute watching you doing dumb shit. like lighting your sock on fire. errr fkn weirdo. then some spicy action started to happen. keep in mind i was the most innocent girl in the world and i didn’t know what to do. then you couldn’t get my belt off. oh boy hehehe. you then took me to watch the sunset and that is something i will never forget. at that moment i knew that i loved you and i needed you more than ever.

Chapter Three

Yay boyfriend girlfriend

yay then little kayden asked me to be his girlfriend awhhhh. i got so excited this day i don’t think you even understand. i’ve never wanted something more. bahahaha angus called me and was absolutely begging me to give you a hand job. fuck me. i literally didn’t know what to do or how to do it so i just dodged it and didn’t do anything. ah anyway, past that now..

Chapter Four

i don’t like this chapter

i made the dumbest move of my life and left you. i never realised how much i needed you, until you were gone. i couldn’t stop thinking about you and as much as you thought i hated you i didn’t. i was so angry at myself, and felt like the worst person in the world, and for doing what i did i really was the worst. i just left something so valuable and was selfish and rude. months went by and we decided to catch up again. i didn’t know what you were gonna think of me now. if you were gonna like me, or absolutely hate me. i saw you and wanted to cry. we laid down on the grass and didn’t say a word. i was just happy to be with you. eventually shit didn’t work out again and at that point i thought i’d never hear from you again

Chapter Five

fortnite and the beach

that exact moment i heard your voice, my whole heart sank. i missed you so much kayden. i kept having to mute myself to rant to bron about how cute you were, and how much i missed you. i remember from that night on i flirted with you non stop hoping you’d start to see me as edie again. and thank fuck you did.

i waited for you at the beach and watched you walk down to meet me. i walked up to you and gave you the biggest hug i possibly could. my baby :( we walked down to the beach and found a little spot. i layer in your arms and we talked about everything that had gone on. i felt safe, and i knew i still loved you. on the way home i remember telling you that, and from that day onwards i dedicated everything to you.

Chapter five

1st November 2020

on this day we made it official. fuck me I’ve never been this happy. i knew we had something so rare and healthy and i knew you were the one. i fell in love with you. everything about you. your hair to your touch. i wanted you and you only. for the rest of my life

Chapter Six


i love you. i love you today, i love you tomorrow, i love you for the rest of my life. i’ve never met anyone like you baby. i want you and you only. we have to many adventures ahead of us, and so much we still need to do. you’re MY person. i’m never going anywhere. i’ve already made that mistake and i can’t lose the love of my life, not again.