This love is ours.

I feel I’m falling in love with all my heart.

I'm sure you remember those words, they were quoted by me so many times and it's amazing how it never changed, all I want is to remain yours.

we didn't want any commitment, right? el nido proved how wrong we were for thinking that way. it was our first days together, like a good pair of friends who didn't know what was coming. we will never be able to explain what happened on that trip but I can say that I was never the same again. after those days it was necessary to supply the enormous need that I had to have you around and go even deeper into the mission of making it mine.

Think about the place where you first met me.

our cornelia street.

our trajectory was not the easiest and conquering you was perhaps the greatest adventure I've ever lived, who knew I would fall in love with every detail of you after a few days together, huh?

falling in love with you was like falling asleep, sudden and unusual, there was no effort because maybe that was my greatest wish before we even knew it.

Our day

even when we are married you will always be my boyfriend.

for today I've planned something in our favorite place, where we call it home and where it represents us so much, in every part of our journey.

demonstrations and words will never be enough to express how much I love you, how happy and fulfilled I am to be your woman, I always lack words at this moment.

8 is our day and curiously coincides with the symbol of infinity, maybe this defines a little of what we have, the grandeur of what we are and everything we will become.

and how I love to love you, reese, how good it is to love and be loved. what we have is something unique, genuine and hard to find. are we lucky, huh?

I never thought I would become the most loved woman ever, having by my side the most amazing person I could ever wish for. I have it all. I have you and with that my world has become complete. you are the best part of me, my soul mate and all the cliché nomenclatures for the one you love. our love is my favorite drug and how addicted i am.