Happiest Birthday

To My Cutie Binnie 🖤

Your favorite but also annoying Dan hyung here. I honestly have so much to say but let’s start with happy birthday to the best leader, cutie Binnie. I owe you a lot and I don’t think I’ll ever get to repay everything ever.

From you always making sure I’m okay whenever I’m down, listening to my every rant and childish spazzings — always just being there for me till I’m okay again. You never fail to remind me just how amazing of a person you are both from your actions and words. I hope you know that you’re so loved here. By us, The Lo5ers but also everyone else.

You’re kind, endearing and level-headed. You being adorable and a total cutie is a big bonus too. We’re lucky to have you as our leader, we’re lucky to have met you here as The Lo5ers’ pillar too. If only you knew how happy I was to have you joined us. If only I could express myself better.

Regardless, thank you for being born. Thank you for being the person that you are today. We love you, Binnie. We really really do.

Happy and Healthy Birthday!

You are the best leader ever.

To our dearest Soobin hyung, happy birthday.

I'm very happy that you are a part of us. You literally brighten our days with your texts in dm group.

I am very happy that I have a chance to be closer to you. Actually I have always admired you and watching you on timeline. You're a literal sunshine.

Let's play plato again, then screaming here and there again. I like playing with you, it's so fun! But you're just too good at Darts, why? Whyyyy?

Lastly, I hope that you will always be happy and healthy. I love you, our leader!

Happy Birthday!

To the Best Leader

Happy Birthday, big bunny, Soob D, best MC and Best Leader Soobin! I hope you won't get tired of spending more of your upcoming birthdays with me and the others! You're easily one of the people that I'd like to keep in my life for a really long time, thank you for bringing so much comfort to me.

I remember the day you told MOAs that one of my qualities is setting off boundaries and I'd just like to remind you that you're one of the people that I trust a lot LOT. You give us a lot of joy and there's no other person like you in the world, ever.

I hope with this birthday will also come great maturity (though you'll always look like an adorable giant klutz :D) and just better in general. And of course always be healthy!! Things were tough lately because of what's been going on with the world but I believe we can get through it together, I'll always be here to be your rock. Let's continue working hard, hyung! I love you!

To our miracle, Soobin hyung.

Merriest birthday.

Words aren't enough how much I cherish you. And I'm so grateful to having you in my life. Happy birthday, our leader Soobinie hyung.

Wishing you have a happiest birthday, wishing this day blesses with joyous and happiness. Eventho you deserve get all this everyday. Always remember me love you, hyung!