For Qis ;)

happy 2022!

thank you for being a part of my 2021 ^^

page one

thank you for being a part of my 2021 and for giving me great memories to look back to~ I tau you tak suka benda gini but I kisah apa 🤭 anyways I’ll never forget every guidance, ounce of patience and forced vibing (even you xnak but you ikut je) I really do appreciate everything that you’ve done and we’ve done together.

Kadang tu tersama group, kalau x sama kita samakan pulak.. no regrets tho- “Ada ke group yg ada Wani xde Qis?” LOL orang tanya I gelakkan je 😭

Btw I tulis sini sbb lawa and comel and kurang awkward dari I taip panjang2 kat ws ya so fahamilah saya ksksksksk-


page two

I tahu mula2 tu awkward sikit kan sbb semua pun baru kenal and whatnot but I grateful gila I accept utk masuk group 4. Probably one of the best decisions I made in 2021… You might not have realise this yet but you srs pandai gila qis no cap fr and you guide org which makes you makin top top top lah akak kita skksks. Kadang tu you penat guide org I tahu HAHAHA but you still try your best jugak despite you being exhausted.

Then lol ada masa tu groupmate (maybe including I juga) slacking off ke apa ke then you always be the first person to initiate the step and I truly admire you for that. Yelah you je selalu awal buat docs ke apa ke kalau assignment en 🥰 Belum madam bagi instruction, ttiba nama you dah send docs kat email. Mmg gaya budak top 5 MAKA ah akak kita :o


page three

lastly, I was able to survive some of the hardest weeks of 2021 bcs of the presence of lovely ppl like you. Ada minggu tu yg full assignment kena hantar and everything kena settle and tbh it was almost unbearable, I almost broke down. It was one of the hardest moments of my 2021, prolly our 2021. But we survived ;)

There were nights where we’d spent hours acik oiiii talking, sharing, g*ssip*ng or simply stu”dying” and those were the moments I’d treasure the most. Thank you sbb sabar je ngan connection I yg kadang mintak hempuk, then thank you for being there even you x perlu pun but I really do appreciate everything.

I hope 2022 treats you well. Have fun with new classmate and choose your group members wisely….. belajar lah dari pengalaman (gurau) but thank you Qis for all the good times. Jom date? #azamkawin2022 HAHAHAHAH okbye happy new year babe! till i see u 🤍

end •••