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We are a strong upcoming brand of different beauty salon services & products

My name is Christina but everyone has a nickname for me, whether it’s Tina, Chris, Chrissy.. etc. I’ve been in the beauty industry for
18 years and I’ve come to love even more so the craft I’ve been infatuated with when I was 6 years old. I followed my dreams as a child and the industry has opened even more doors for me. Beauty products that I’m certified in as an Expert Beauty Reviewer (since more recent).

But also making people feel cared for, beautiful, handsome, putting that smile on that little boys face After I’m done cutting his hair. Or that little girl I just gave a manicure and pedicure to and she’s in love. Those are some of the little things that I love to do in my craft. I’ve been working for different salon’s my whole career and I just took the plunge to opening my own business and being a salon and spa owner. It’s what I thrive for, it has always been my dream to work for myself and my client’s always entertain me with great conversation as they sit back relax and drink some wine as I service them. It’s my absolute joy!

As a beauty reviewer I am in love with all products for hair, skin, nails, non-cosmetic options for fillers, acne-prone skin products , oily skin proneness products, CCC makeup
Creams, body oils, exfoliating scrubs.
Many I try are not released yet by the manufacturer so In turn the consumer doesn’t know about them yet. We have the full ability and permission to make that happen. (No one likes secrets!) So for the consumer I think it will have a positive effect in-salon and launching it out to our clients will have fabulous effects on mental and physical well-being in regards with our salon services.


We stand behind you-for any service purchased we match your second service with 30% Off !!

We appreciate our loyal clients.
So with that being said this is our loyalty program back to you! Also, with any new referrals we give you 20$ back towards your next service 10$ Off for you and 10$ Off for who you refer!

Forte Salon and Spa

Who We Are

We are all for self care, our brand depends on it. We are down to earth people with crazy lives, and spread so thin. But it is important to take the time to care for ourselves first and/or make the time in between our busy schedules to do so.

How you take care of yourself depends on your Mental health and well-being. We make the time to service all of our clients no matter if it is within our business hours, if it isn’t we always make sure their is a slot no matter what time is convenient for you! We do it with love because we truly care for our clients who have become part of our family.