About Us —

We eat, sleep, and breathe Black stories.

Do It For The Cocktail Culture promotes Black contributions in a celebratory way.

We explore Black stories through the lens of the liquor industry.

Whether it be telling stories of Black history figures through a “Cocktale Hour” experience, revealing slavery’s impact on the liquor industry, or building awareness of Black-owned liquor brands; our focus is to share Black stories.

Our mission is to enlighten, educate, and unify people from all backgrounds through Black stories.

In less than one month of its inception in June 2020, D.I.F.T.C.C. had inspired thousands to learn more about Black history.

Meet The Team

Creator of Do It For The Cocktail Culture

Meet LaShana, The Libation Liberation and creator of the Instagram brand Do It For The Cocktail Culture

An Events Manager with 10+ years hospitality experience, LaShana is passionate about history and the Black experience.

Her career helped her to learn how to be inventive and resourceful; channeling these skills into D.I.F.T.C.C. She formerly worked for restaurateurs Amy Knoll Fraser and celebrity chef Neal Fraser’s award-winning venue Vibiana in Downtown Los Angeles. When COVID-19 hit she was out of a job like many other people in the industry and moved back to her home state of New York; during this time D.I.F.T.C.C. was formed.

Meet the team

Head Researcher & Editor

Faith is Do it For the Cocktail Culture’s Head Researcher & Editor.

A Harlem-born poet, producer, editor, and educator, Faith is energized by conversation, thrives off collaboration, and seeks to build others up in the ebb and flow of giving and receiving— this is what stokes her creative fire. Faith has been working with LaShana on D.I.F.T.C.C. since September 2020. For her, it is an act of service: a way to learn and unlearn, to fill lost gaps in our beautiful history, and to rediscover the greatness and perseverance of our ancestors and culture.