About Forward Direction

Who We Are

Forward Direction is a consulting firm that strives to provide the best service possible to our clients. We help business owners like you clarify the vision of your business & how it fits in with your personal goals, while identifying the cause of why your business isn’t succeeding. While Forward Direction offers business coaching, we also offer FREE life coaching with your monthly service to help our clients improve their careers, professional relationships, & day-to-day life.

We provide:

• 1-on-1 business & life coaching.
• Business funding opportunities.
• Website design.
• Business plan writing.
• Budget plan writing.


Silver Bundle (Most Affordable)
➪ Four 30 minute sessions over 1 month $149.

Gold Bundle (Most Popular)
➪ Six 30 minute sessions over 3 months $447.

Platinum Bundle (Bigger Investment)
➪ Eight 90 minute sessions over 5 months $999.

Business Funding $199
➪ We write your pitch based on your industry and experience.
➪ We connect you with top investors (10k - 100k w/the potential to increase).

Website Design
We plan, create & code your website:

➪ Basic $100.
➪ Intermediate $250 - $300.
➪ Advanced $500 - $600.
➪ Complicated $999+.

Business Plan Writing $150
Don’t know where to start? We will write your 30-page business plan.

We need your:
➪ Business summary.
➪ Short term goals.
➪ Long term goals.
➪ Current weekly & monthly income.
➪ Expected weekly & monthly income.


What To Expect

Curious to know how our consultations are done?

➪ After sending an inquiry, you will receive an email to schedule a consultation within 3 hours.
➪ You will speak to an HR representative who will help you complete payment ($50) and book your consultation.
➪ You will sign a confidentiality agreement.

During your consultation, you will answer multiple questions about your business &/or personal life so your coach can create a personalized plan for you. Please keep in mind that all personal information is kept confidential (refer to our confidentiality agreement)

To Schedule A Consultation For Any Of Our Services, Please Email forwarddirectionconsulting@gmail.com. Please Add “Consultation” In The Subject Line For A Faster Response.

Business Hours —

Monday 8AM - 3PM
Tuesday 8AM - 3PM
Wednesday 10AM - 5PM
Thursday 8AM - 3PM
Friday 8AM - 3PM
Saturday & Sunday CLOSED