simplicity and authenticity

a glimpse of everything

Yes, it is adorable. No, it is not important.

Every nails have their own personality,
and mine describes me well.

Can you hear the sound of the calming waves, the crystal clear waters?
If you do, take a glimpse on my adorable nails!

And yes, I only wrote the first sentence to bait you to take a tiny glimpse at my very adorable nails.

You are very welcome :)

One of my favourites!!!
It's not really my vibe but i'm crazzzyyyy about this one.
*this is my feminine side*

Before you bad mouth my tiny, tiny nails,

it is adorable and cute, especially with the Lilac that's going on.

And yes, you might see some hair action going on right there but it is normal, isn't it? :)

The base color is too thick, the lines are not that abstract, it looks "organized".

One of the fails, but still, it is made with much thought and love :)

Remember the tiny glimpse of the adorable nails?
Here's a huge detailed look on the colour and design.

You are welcome, again.

Is it purple? Is it green? Is it tacky?
Yes. Yes. And no. It's cute.

It's 4:20 and I'm feeling blue.

The color blocks complement my skin tone really well. Perfect for a sunny beachy day!

Christmas Vibes!
I always went for the softer color but this looks ccuuuuuuteeeeeeee.

You can't be never too bold for naaails especially your toe nails!

One, Two and Three