About me

Hey! So I’m Lily, I am 23 and work as a full time accountant nerd.

I signed up to FM on 31 August 2020 to make myself an extra £100 a month to pay for my online shopping addiction and to be able to purchase bargain perfume that smells amazing, for a fraction of the branded cost.

I am currently a Pearl orchid leader earning over £2,000 a month and so excited for what the future holds for me & my teamies!

FM has all the perks of running your own business... time freedom/ flexibility/ own rules/ no bosses but doesn’t have any risk of losing money and a wonderful community of team members to learn from and communicate with on a day to day basis.

✉️ DM for any further information

About FM

FM sell over 1000 products, the most popular being our designer inspired perfumes!

The perfumes are all graded ‘parfum’ and are inspired by the designer brands; we cut our unnecessary costs like the brand name, fancy bottles and celebrity adverts hence the affordable prices... I mean in my opinion absolute BARRIES!!

My Top Picks

Here’s some of my most loved items from FM

Recommendation #1

My current favourite perfume has got to be number 900 - inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry!
Sexy & sweet but also kind of masculine as part of one of unisex range 🤍

Recommendation #2

This is my daily go to number 18 - inspired by Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. This is also what sold FM to me, having the branded bottle myself, I know how similar it smells!!

Recommendation #3

Candles are just best for all occasions & smelling like perfume #BONUS.. an absolute must have for your home 🤍