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What is Forex? ForEx or FX is short for foreign exchange. It is the place in which you can exchange currencies from all around the world. Generating about $7 trillion per day, the Foreign Exchange Market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. How Does It Work? The Foreign Exchange Market’s participants have the ability to speculate upon and exchange different countries’ currencies by buying and selling. These market participants include: * Commercial Banks * Central Banks * International Companies * Hedge Funds & FX Brokers * Retail Investors (You/Me)

So, what does this mean?

One country’s currency is bought or sold in exchange for another country’s currency to make a profit. A "buy" indicates an opportunity to make money from a rise in price point, while a "sell" indicates an opportunity to profit from a falling price.

Is this "New?"
Nope! Not at all. The Foreign Exchange Market has been around for decades but participation was limited to large banks, corporations, and individuals that several million dollars of net worth.
Thanks to the internet and other technological advances, retail traders (you/me) are able to trade in this market from smartphones via platforms such as MetaTrader 4. With that being said, anytime you have access to internet connection, you have access to this trillion dollar market.

How Do I Make Money
Simply put, you make money by buying and selling currencies against one another. Upon joining Stocks Rising, LLC you will be granted access to our exclusive educational portal, daily live trainings, as well as group chats where we share high probability trade ideas and send signals in copy + paste format. Utilizing these resources will ultimately promote your growth as a trader while you gain knowledge and understanding of this new skill.