c o l o u r i n g

colouring credits to addscherie! (i made changes)

1 - go onto app 24fps > import your video and add “tak3 on m3“

2 - go onto ultralight and inport your video > clarity -10 > sharpen -10 > noise -10

3 - go to b612 and add “fade 1“ to 80%

4 - lastly, go to prequel and put exposure to 50% > highlights 50% > add the filter “oakland 1“ to 50%

Now add the text and your all done!

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f a c t s

facts about me

i am 10 years old > 11 in july (10th) > i like to
sing and dance, when im older i wanna be a marine biologist because i really like the ocean and sea animals! my hobbies are basketball, dance, gaming and singing!

f a n d o m s

fandom stuff

fandoms ive been in > so i have mostly been in charlis fandom for over a year now but i have also been in addisons > multis > zonuts > bebes > elephants > vendettas fandom > pattys fandom > thats mostly it!

but you may ask, by my experience what is your favourite fandom?

My favourite fandom is probably bebes or elephants since they are so kind and sweet and i havent had any drama or a fight with bebes or elephants so thats why i choose them!

“if your fandom didnt exist, who would you be a new fanpage of?“

Id really like to be an elephant or a vennie!

“is fanpage life hard?“

sometimes it is, but you have to be patient and let your page do its thing <3 i love what i do and i really enjoy it and i wouldnt change it!

“by your experience, whats the most toxic fandom in your opinion?“

okay, so this may just be me but sometimes dunkins or sunraes can be really toxic and mean, sunraes were really REALLY sweet and so were dunkins but some have just changed a lot

“based on 1 to 10, what would you rate your page?“

I cant really decide on that, i allow others to rate my page. I cant really self rate myself!

“whos your favourite fanpage?“

charsneva ofc! (go follow her) ive known her since march!

“who are your fanpage idols?“

addscherie , frappison , cgdsfeeling , diorcharls and loads
more! You should follow them! :)

“do you switch fandoms often?“

No! I sometimes do but i often stick with the fandom i really love being in, if im miserable in the fandom then i sort it out right away!

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