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You didn't come this far, to only come this far!

My name is Sara. I am 27 years old. I am blessed with a fiancé and 3 baby girls. My past has not been easy. 5 years ago I was homeless, jobless, and even childless. I had to make a change and so I did. I got sober on 12.22.15.

Fast forward 5 years my whole journey of recovery and helping others has been an amazing experience. I started this online business promoting health and wellness products because my passion is to help others reach their goals! Since I joined this company I have been able to help change many lives including my own!

I hit my bonus within 5 days of joining and ranked up within a month! I have been included in small groups with other high achieving women in the business and business is still growing! I am being shown the road to success by incredible leaders and I want to pass this opportunity to the next person who is desiring a change! All it takes is for one person to believe in you and I believe in all of you there is a purpose for greatness! Let's lock arms and achieve greatness together ❤

My Top Picks

One cup a day keeps the fat away.

If you love coffee and have been wanting to lose weight, then this coffee is for YOU! It has thermogenic ingredients to help burn stored fat then turn that fat into energy! Its a vegan French roast dark coffee, with 225 mg of clean caffeine! I've lost 15 pounds on this coffee and with the added brain boosting nootropics that help sharpen focus and boost your mood this coffee if the ultimate mom fuel! And yes it tastes like actual coffee best one I've tasted.

Skinny brew

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