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Creating my life one day at a time!

I started my fitness journey in a season of life that was very dark. I was going through severe postpartum and my social worker told me to go run. So I did. Then I joined a gym. Then I found ZUMBA and this all led me to coaching. I knew that a life of fulfillment was possible and with coaching I found it!

With constant work on myself (mind and body), I am the happiest & healthiest I have ever been and now I get to pay that forward and help others with that as well!

My Favorites

These are some of our regular daily favorites and we’d love for you to try them too! We will also share some recipes that we love and tips to help stay on track to reaching your goals.

My MamaJuice

This is our preworkout and we literally use it every day. It has beta-alanine (amino acid) and quercetin (phytonutrient). So good for us AND gives us that extra pep in our steps for our workouts!

Our Daily Dose

Most of us don’t walk around protein deficient and really don’t need a “protein” shake. What we need is protein in combination with antioxidants, pre and probiotics, adaptogens and digestive enzymes for gut health.

With over 70 ingredients in one scoop THIS is how we fuel our bodies on that cellular level in order to feel great and live our healthiest life possible.

Veggies Most

Do you struggle to get your veggies in? Just one scoop of this and it’s a full serving of veggies! I put it in my shake and don’t even notice the taste.

Energy Support

Do you struggle with that afternoon crash and need an extra dose of energy? Instead of a cup of joe, try this!


Feeling like you just need a bit of a reset and detox?!? This 3 day cleanse is life-changing and you won’t be starving the entire time!


I don’t use this daily - when I’m feeling dehydrated and lacking energy though OR in a crazy long workout, I will use this.

Traditional electrolyte replacements are loaded with sugar, dyes, and chemicals we don’t need! This is natural and way better for us.