Nothing looks as good as health feels.

Hi, I’m Rama (rayma), Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I have a love of how nutrient-dense food has a positive impact on the body & I’m also slightly obsessed with adventure, all things travel and finding foodie food restaurants and local fare anywhere and everywhere. ✈️ 🍱 🥳

I have been married to my hubs Kyle for 14 years (as of 2022). We have two incredible kiddos, Jaden & Soraya (so-ray-a): J & S, who are so uniquely different from the other. They are almost 5 years apart with a redeemed miscarriage in between (S is our Rainbow 🌈 Baby 💕).

We are also proud fur baby parents of the best ‘emotional therapy dog’ as we call her, Harper Blue, who is a black labrador/blue heeler mix. Labraheeler.

We lived in Maui for a year when J was 2-3 and beach life never left us. In 2020, we made the move from Oregon to Sarasota, Florida into a beach fixer and are living our best lives with the chaos that comes with all the DIY house projects, but the calm of soaking up the sun, beach, & water as much as we can. 🏝 No regrets! Except one: we should have done this sooner. 🥰

*update: house ended up with toxic black mold, we ripped it down to the studs and are currently building it back and healing from mold, which I openly share in my Stories & have TONS of Highlights on.

I love, love traveling, exploring new places & people, taking all the photography, finding the best local, farm-to-table type restaurants, making all the food for my family (1/2 Persian roots!) & sharing easy, gluten-free recipes.

I wasn’t always this way. I grew up in Oklahoma, ate complete crap, lived in childhood domestic violence w/a terrible step-dad (emotional aspect of disease) and ended up with a grapefruit-sized, cancer tumor in my chest cavity at 19, even though I was an athlete and worked out all the time.

The second I was done with treatment, I changed my life and what I ate. While everyone was eating packets of Top Ramen in college, I was running hills and going to my first farmer’s markets. What was tragedy at 19 turned out to be my greatest gift and life’s calling at 30. I went back to school for holistic nutrition & became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and began helping clients clean out their pantries and treat their leaky gut and immune system with anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense food, bone broth & supplements. It was and still is an incredible honor to help others feel better in their bodies & heal.

I also stumbled into Young Living essential oils as a blogger during this time and started using them for my post baby thyroid & adrenal issues & S’ v injury. I began sharing what they were doing for my fam & I helped others ditch toxic products for safer ones.

I have recently (Aug 2022) resigned from my position there after 8 years, leaving behind a 6-fig residual paycheck due to no longer being aligned with its culture and transparency.

I have since had a fantastic time of vetting other companies as I search for those with whom I do align. Companies like Modere, Alovea, MIG farm skincare, Green Compass & Crunchi to name a few and it’s been FUN!

Last but not least, when I was 24 (after I had cancer), I thought it would be a good idea to get breast implants. Dumb. 12 years later, I realized that was a huge contributor to my thyroid and adrenal issues and the implants were slowly poisoning me. Breast implants are made with over 40+ different toxic chemicals and heavy metals. They sit on your most vital organs and start to breakdown the second they enter your body. I had NO idea.

It’s called breast implant illness (BII) and it’s a real thing, there are over 100,000 women in a private Facebook group sharing their stories before and after explant. It is a life-changing group if you or someone you know has breast implants. I explanted 2019 and immediately looked different (pics in my BII Highlight). Thank God they are out because I instantly got my health back and continue to get it back every day post implants, mold exposure & 4 oral cavitations removed. #thehealisreal.
I did everything mainstream told me to do/was safe and now I am reversing all of it. It’s rough some days, but I wouldn’t trade it. I’ve learned so much about healing, the body & know so many of you are dealing w/chronic health issues bc you trusted our food & medical system. With you. 💪🏽
I’m here to share my love of holistic remedies, travel, GF recipes, & whole body detox support. Fam adventures and house projects also included. And! if you want to learn how to grow an online business, I’m here for that, too. I’ve been at this 10 years now! 😍 We all could use some side income bc prices of everything keep going up! 😝

When faced with cancer at 19 and other things along the way, you begin to realize what’s most important and you guys, we only get one life!! Let’s make it freaking count! Travel, go on adventures with your babies, fuel your beautiful body with the most amazing foods, laugh until it hurts, have dance parties w/your kids, audit your circle, I cannot stress this enough! Let go of the things that do not serve you, do the inner-
emotional work & do something every day that brings you absolute joy!! Raise your frequency!! ✨✨

Thanks for being a part of our family’s life and community here, we treasure you & want the very best life for you & yours! Cheers! 🥂