Hello!! From your future Virtual Assistant!


My name is Freyja!

I am a Virtual Assistant & Barista currently living in The Lake District, U.K.

I love to travel, climb mountains, ski, skateboard, sing & play guitar and make pretty flat white art for the cafe I work for. But most of all I love that I can work freelance doing a job I am utterly in love with!

I demonstrate a good work ethic willing to collaborate with others but also work effectively as an independent individual. I have worked in customer service for the past (almost) 8 years and like to think I have great intuition when it comes to making customers happy.

I’ve know for a long time that I’ve wanted to work freelance as I am a bit of a free spirit when it comes to travelling! Becoming a VA has given me the opportunity to be able to work from my self built van and take my job wherever my partner and I end up settling for the day or week.

When I discovered Virtual Assisting could be a career, I knew almost instantly that this was what I wanted to invest my time and effort in to.
I love the idea of always learning and improving my skills to broaden my knowledge and aid clients with unique and challenging work.

I specialise in Creatives inc. Photographers, Illustrators, Festivals, etc. I offer a variety of services such as Scheduling posts, Digital Marketing, Engagement, Social Media start up, Content Creation, Dm Management, Competitor Research, Etsy Listings, Hashtag Research and more...

Do you really need a Virtual Assistant?

Yes and I’ll tell you why!

A Virtual Assistant is there to help with all tasks that weigh you down from responding to messages to scheduling posts for the next month!

A Virtual Assistant is there to lean on so you can have the well tuned free time you deserve. Which also means more time for hobbies, family, relaxing, exercise and so much more!

Whilst opening up your diary we also increase engagement rates to drive more customers/clients to your business!

Hope this helps!

If you have any questions go to my links page and ask away!


My Services

How can I help?

Social Media Management

- Social Media Start Up
- Content Creation
- Graphic Design
- Scheduling Posts
- Dm Management
- Pinterest Management
- Competitor Research
- Trending Research
- Etsy Listings
- Hashtag Research
- Hashtag Group Creation

Email me for enquiries about anything else!

I’m always ready to learn!


I’d more than happy to provide you with a CUSTOM PLAN! Just give me a Dm or Email and we’ll see what I can do! (Below are just examples of how your hours could be used.)

3 Hours / Week

For when you need a little help...
- 4 Scheduled Posts
- Dm Management (for the week)
- Hashtag Research.

5 Hours / Week

For when you need a little extra help...
- 6 Scheduled Posts
- Dm Management (for the week)
- Hashtag Research & Group Creation.

8 Hours / Week

For when you’re ready to have some well urned rest...
- 10 Scheduled Posts
- 2 Original Posts created by myself (Checked over with you first of course)
- Dm Management (for the week)
- Hashtag Research & Group Creation.

10 Hours / Week

For when you’re ready to work together to optimise your social media engagement, gain more clients all while having even more time for yourself.


- 15 Scheduled Posts
- 4 Original Posts created by myself (Checked over with you first of course)
- Dm Management (for the week)
- Hashtag Research & Group Creation.
- Competitor Research

Social Media Management

With this package you can expect everything you require to create and/or maintain a great social media presence and provide you with even more time to pursue what you’ve been missing out on!

- Scheduling Posts
- 20+ pins on Pinterest
- Content Creation
- Graphic Design (if needed)
- Engagement Analysis
- Dm Management
- Competitor & Trending Research
- Etsy + IG Product Listings (if needed)
- Hashtag Research + Multiple Group Creation

• Weekly update on Insights
• Re-Branding (if needed)
• 20% off First month
• Resources on future IG or Pinterest Planning

Branding // Re-Branding Package

In this package you will receive:
- 2 New Logos
- Instagram highlights icon
- 2 New Aesthetics to choose from
- 2 colour palettes
- 5 New Icons
- 3 Fronts that will be used on your content
- Banner for Facebook
- Recreated Bio

An AMAZING price for what you receive provided by Tilly Burke.

IG handle: @Matildasdesigns

Social Media Start Up

For businesses wanting to start up their Social Media journey.

This package will provide:

- Help choosing what social media site to use.
- IG, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter Start up
- Personalised Year long guide on content for the social media site of your choosing.
- Resources and apps to help boost your chosen platforms content.
- Free tips on how to boost Engagement.
- 4 Hashtag Groups.

Suggested to pair with Branding // Re-Branding Package for complete beginners.

SUPER AFFORDABLE PRICE for small businesses wanting to get a head start on their social media platforms.