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Three of a Kind: High-End Luxury Moisturizers

I share my first impressions on three popular high-end moisturizers.

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Hada Labo Premium Whitening Routine Review

My thoughts on the Hada Labo Premium Whitening Lotion (Light), water gel moisturizer & face wash.

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Three of A Kind: Air Dry Styling Products

Dive into my latest blog post where I compare three air dry styling products and show you the results for each then compare that to a curl cream. Which product do you think gave the best results on wavy hair?

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Recent Makeup Purchases

Reviewing Hermès Plein Air Balm, Rose Inc Blush & IDUN Lip Liner.

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Embrace The Sun with Shiseido Sunscreen

When it was set that we were going to Malaysia earlier this year I started researching the best sunscreens for hot and humid climates. And Shiseido came up as number one!

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6 Lessons For Shiny Hair Every Single Wash

During the six years of growing out my hair, this last one has been the most educating of them all! I’ve done a lot of trial and error, trying on trends and skipping on the most obvious. While avoiding heat and trimming your own hair are some no-brainers, here are six lessons that made me finally have consistently healthy and shiny hair every single wash!

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Hair Cycling

How to consistently nourish your hair.

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Augustinus Bader The Rich Vs The Cream + The Face Oil

A comparison of the two most exclusive moisturizers from the most talked about luxury brand Agustinus Bader. Bonus review:
The Face Oil.

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Beating body acne with CeraVe SA

What started as a sun rash quickly turned into body acne that proved hard to get rid of... Until I tried CeraVe SA.

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European equivalents to Avéne RetrinAL

A guide to all Avéne products with retinaldehyde and their strenghts.
+ Mini review

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5 Hair Growth Tips I Stopped Following

With so much advice on growing hair long, here’s five I don’t follow.

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How To Repair A Damaged Skin Barrier

My simple trick on what I do when my skin has been over-exfoliated 💁🏻‍♀️

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