to my #1s ♡

if you're reading this, then you've made my 2020 extra special!

hai, it's eva here! sebelum apapun, aku mau bilang dulu happy new years!! semoga 2021 menjadi tahun yang baik buat kita semua yaa ✨

i want to appreciate each of you for making it until this far. terima kasih yaa sudah bertahan, terima kasih sudah berjuang keras walaupun 2020 mungkin bukan tahun yang baik because of this pandemic going on. thank you for working hard, you've done so, so well and i'm so incredibly proud of you!!

maybe i don't understand what you're going through or what you're facing right now, but here's me reminding you that everything you've done this year is very appreciated! setiap maju, setiap mundur, setiap naik dan setiap turun yang sudah kalian lewati—itu semua progressmu yang patut diapresiasi karena kamu keren dan kamu hebat! nggapapa kalo tahun ini mungkin ada goal yang belum tercapai atau harapan yang belum terpenuhi, everything will unravel in its own time and place. don't worry, yeah? it all works out in the end, i promise. in the meanwhile, give yourself some love and a pat on the back for not giving up! apapun yang sedang kamu perjuangkan sekarang, i place them all in my prayers dan aku berdoa semoga semuanya dilancarkan dan diselesaikan dengan cara yang terbaik 💗🌟

here's another reminder that you are never alone! please remember that you have me, you'll always have me—i'm only one call, one DM, one text away. i may not give the best advice, but i promise to be a shoulder you can lean on. i love you so incredibly much, and you're one of the greatest joys in my life.

kalo tahun ini mungkin aku pernah ngelakuin salah ke kalian, aku minta maaf yaa. i promise that i'll become better in 2021! please don't be afraid to remind me if i ever cross the line or if i ever offend you in any way, we can learn together 🥰

terakhir, remember that you're a soul worthy of love and happiness! i hope 2021 becomes the year where you find what your heart is yearning for, and i hope you never forget that you're special and worth more than all the riches of this world. i love you so much, thank you for bringing such a bright light to my gloomy 2020! this year may not have been the greatest, but my days are infinitely brighter because i have each of you. i appreciate your presence more than anything, and i'm so thankful for your existence in my life ✨

happy new year's, my friend! semoga 2021 menjadi tahun yang penuh berkat dan kebahagiaan buat kita <3

— eva.

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