With love, Jana

A heart to heart series

Excerpts from my life and my thoughts put into words.

Heart to heart. From mine to yours.

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Heart To Heart, Chapter 1

The Sun And His Tears

"The saddest yet most beautiful story,
is when the sun created oceans from his tears,
so that the moon could see
how much he misses her,
when he died every night
to let her shine."


Heart To Heart, Chapter 2

A Bird's Tale

"You found yourself laying awake,
blinded from the luminescence of the moon
that peeked through your curtains.

You heard my voice
in the crash of ocean waves,

You felt my embrace
through the wind that touched your skin,

And you found my tears
in the pouring rain on your windows.

But listen closely,
as you can hear a lullaby.

These sound waves are not a mere coincidence,
because they are sung by me."

Sometime in winter 2019

Heart To Heart, Chapter 3

Midnight Conversations

If you wonder what he does at night,
look up to the sky.
Because he has been talking to the moon for quite some time now,
telling her how much he misses you and how beautiful you are
every time she shines upon you.
Hoping that one day his words will reach you, when you talk to her as well.

The day I missed love the most

One day.