Embracing all kinds of chaos

Welcome to From Clutter To Clarity! I'm Jenna. The thirty something wife and mom of two behind the brand.

Motherhood has brought such abundance into my life. Pride, love ...and mostly, mess. I'm talking shit smearing, Cheerio dumping, diaper rash bathing, mess. For the record, all 3 of those were my son. Praise be boy mom's.

My vision for the page is to create a community of like minded momma's who find their calm in cleanliness. To navigate all the messes of motherhood both literally and figuratively and find the power in decluttering. Roll up your sleeves, it's about to get messy!


To provide clarity through the chaos


What's your roadblock? Are you too tired? Too busy? Feeling completely uninspired by your home? What prevents you from tackling that linen closet or pantry? Together (with Starbucks) we will dust off your barriers and through a one on one session, tackle what's behind those closed doors. We will purge, organize and find a way you can maintain the cleanliness to bring more time and clarity to your life.

Prefer to be surprised? No problem! I can happily work alone to bring clarity back to your space!

From closets to pantries and kids rooms to just simply folding laundry and putting it away. Whatever it is that brings you clarity, I'm here for it.

Star package:
•Starbucks, to help you get through the painful process of purging
•Labeled containers or bins to organize space
•All purged items and garbage will leave with me and be donated locally throughout the community✌️


Custom packages available!


I truly believe a clean home allows your brain the space it needs to flourish.
Struggling to find the time to maintain the basics ? Allow me! We will discuss your cleaning quirks, whether it be pretty vaccum lines in the carpet, windows without fingerprints or tackling your Everest of laundry. I will customize my cleaning to your specific standards to ensure you are able to find clarity at the end of a long day.

25$/hour 3 hour minimum.

Custom packages available! ☀️


You can never own too many sweatwrs

Cleaning Crews- Coming Soon!

Local Donations

Give where you live

It is so important to give where you live. Supporting local is where it's at!

All items purged can be donated to local charities of your choice! As part of the process, I will deliver these items for you! Mostly so you don't go rummaging back through them to find that shirt you haven't worn in a year.

Canned items • Food bank
Clothing • Women's shelter or local second hand stores
Old towels and sheets • Northumberland Humane Society

CC Clients

Here's what Clutter to Clarity clients have to say!

"You outdid yourself, I am over the moon. I cannot believe the space I was working in before. It had so much potential, I just needed you to come in and do your thing. Thank you so much!"

"Woo! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak into Jenna's blogs and business plans. What an amazing dose of reassurance that we're all trying to create order out of chaos. Thanks for sharing your insight, I can't wait to use your services"