🇩🇪 Hallo ich bin Sabrina aus Deutschland. Vor 7 Jahren habe ich Ägypten zu meiner Wahlheimat gemacht. Über meine Seite möchte ich Menschen dazu inspirieren, Ägypten zu besuchen und das Land mit anderen Augen zu sehen.

Hier findest Du Einblicke in das Leben in Ägypten, Reiseinspirationen zu verschiedenen Orten in Ägypten und vieles mehr...

Wenn Du also mehr über Ägypten erfahren willst, dann bist du hier genau richtig 😉

🇬🇧 Hello I'm Sabrina, a German expat who made Egypt her home 7 years ago. Through my page I want to inspire people to visit Egypt and see the country with different eyes.

Here you will find insights about life in Egypt, travel inspirations to different places in Egypt and much more...

So if you want to learn more about Egypt, then you are in the right place 😉

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Sunset at the Pyramids

Ride on a horse or a camel into the sunset with the most iconic view of the Giza Pyramids.

Khan El Khalili Bazar

Wanna buy some souvenirs then Khan El Khalili is the place to go. The most famous and biggest Bazar of Africa has much to offer and gives you the real Cairo feeling

Feluka on the Nile

A Feluka is a sailing boat that was even used by the ancient Egyptians. Riding on a Feluka at night is something super spectacular to escape the buzz of the city and enjoy a fresh breeze on the Nile.

Cairo's Garbage City & Cave Church

Did you know that Cairo has 100% manual garbage collection process? There is even a city for it and it's very impressive. Passing through the garbage collectors you will be surpirsed by a cave church which is carved into the mountain. It's a great hidden gem and definitely not a typical touristic place

Cairo Tower

From Egypt's highest tower you can get a glimpse of how huge Cairo is. I usually recommend to visit before sunset. If the weather is good you might have a chance to see the pyramids.

Museums Tour

Visit Cairo's most famous Museums and see the royal mummies of Egyptian ancients kings and queens, 4500 year old artifacts, tombs and statues ... When in Cairo you definetly can't miss it.