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I’m Devin! I am so excited that you found me! Those two other cuties in all of my Instagram posts are my boyfriend Chasen and our little love bug Rey! We live here on Oahu enjoying that Island life! Mostly, for us that means putting out toes in the sand, diving in the ocean, and just being beach bums together!

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Breakaway Movement

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I was journaling the same vision of my future over and over again. I kept putting in my goals that I want to be an entrepreneur, that I wanted more time with my boyfriend, that I didn't want to leave my dog at home all day by herself, that I wanted time to be on this Island, that I wanted my life to be full of abundance, not just in my journal, but in real life.

I made a huge scary investment and change into how I viewed myself, my time, my worth, my health, my money, my career, my expectations of those I choose to work with, and what's so great is that the words that I use to journal, that future that I planned is here.

I wish nothing but for your vision boards to become reality too. If you want more information on how I did it, the community I joined, the business that I am running, click the link below, watch a free web video, and schedule a conference call. If you want to know more about me, my little family, and how we spend our time shoot me a DM!

The Breakaway Movement

lose your mind.

find your soul.

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