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That Phenomenal Woman

Nobody knows what a phenomenal woman she is

It’s the strength she carries

the humbleness she holds

that bright smile she shows to the entire world

With so many wounded secrets she survives in this world

It’s the Beauty she shows

All that kindness unfolds
something precious she hangs onto in a world filled with cold.

It’s the patience she has and the Grace she keeps her Heart from turning weak.

It’s her faith in God she Strongly Holds that makes her wise now she understands the meaning of this world

& still nobody knows
What a phenomenal woman she is ~


To You

sitting over there in the corner, trying to be invisible. Listen, you’re not! I see you and many others do too.

You most definitely matter. What you have gone through matters. What you are currently going through matters.… come out of the shadows, and go live your life out loud! Because you are somebody!!

Whether you are single, married, a mother, a daughter or a grandmother , I know that you have felt invisible at some point in your life. I know I have. You’ve have spent too long in the shadows, waiting for someone to come and pull you out, or for your chance to share your true thoughts and feelings.

But, you don’t have to be that invisible woman any more. You can speak up! (Because your words have value!) you can take ownership! (Because you worked too hard!) you can be brave, and proud, and who you ought to be, by living you life out loud!!

Use your voice

The women who have had a heartbreaking past but get up everyday and conquer life.

This is for the women who have been through all kinds of unimaginable events, physical or emotional, but continue to smile with their past showing in their eyes, this is for the women who deserve better.

This is for the women who were rejected, shamed, and disrespected. The ones who love deeply, this is for women who has been through what she thought was hell, but has shown up each and every time. This is for women who have cried their hearts out. & women who are no longer with us. 

When life gets overwhelming, take a deep breath, remember that as women we are powerful, and we have immense strength inside us that makes the world scared of us. it’s okay, to be vulnerable because vulnerability is strength. You can break down and cry. But you have to gather every piece of your heart and stand back again. Because as women “We got this”.

Life is going to hurt, but hold on tight. You will be alright, hold on tight, be strong for yourself, hold on the belief that there are women who will always believe in lifting each other up and empowering others. I want you to never lose faith in being a woman, and to never regret being one.

Being a woman is a Blessing and a curse in itself.

Sometimes days are going to be difficult, but you have to keep moving on effortlessly and fearlessly. Hold on to your strength, to your light; it will guide you in times of need. You probably think that you do not have enough strength to stand up for what you believe in, but believe me, you do. You have it in every vessel, in every breath, in every touch and in every bone don’t let them fool you.

Your existence matters, change the world, and continue to spread your LIGHT.  We got this!

Losing a friend is hard to comprehend, let alone losing them forever…

Dealing with death is never easy and everyone deals with it differently, but I certainly have had a hard time coming to terms with yours.

I never thought that would be something I would have to face, but it is and I have to find some way to accept it, if I ever can.

The guilt eats at my soul, How did we never know…

BoBo I Miss You

It’s empty without you
Lucas and Alice miss you
They need you
Your mum, sisters everyone…

Ohh Bobo
I still can’t come to terms with how you left

It’s haunting, heartbreaking and breathtaking.

you deserved so much more

have so many questions that I will never get the answer to.

Why you?

Why now?

Are you safe?

Are you at peace?

I so badly want the answers to these because it just doesn't make sense to me that you are gone.

You are forever Loved immensely

I miss you.


Your Friend


You see even if your dealing with the biggest battle you feel you can’t overcome ; Have patience with God and with yourself.

Nobody gets better over night

But in due time with the help of God you’ll get to wherever you need to be.

But for now remember that everyday is a blessing
Everyday is a chance for something new
Everyday God blessed you with another day don’t take those days being sad
Pray;Read a book; write out your feelings
Do something that keeps you busy and keeps you happy

Always remember you have survived tougher days and pulled through things you never thought you would be able to.

Be proud of yourself.
Proud of who you are.
And proud of who you are becoming.

God never gives up on a beautiful soul you can be broken or lost God will always guide you to the right direction in your life.


“She was free in her wildness She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city” … ( QUOTED BY *Roman Payne*)

She belonged to GOD! and GOD only

She was a free spirit.
So pure and happy
She was full of life!

But you came along and stuck her with that Knife…

You stabbed her in the back and certainly didn’t care about that.

She finally felt she was free ~
Free from sadness,Torment and so much more

So when it came to YOU and SHE, there was nothing else she could see

& when you stabbed her in the back
By repeating the same old crap
she couldn’t look back.
She knew those wounds were too deep
There wasn’t any other way in surviving that.

Too deep to console and too deep for a half ass apology.

At one point you set her FREE

Only to shackle her back up to it only being
SHE who can set SHE FREE ..

Giving up meant peace for my sanity.

Im not perfect but;

My soul isn’t violent
My soul isn’t mental
My soul is kind and caring
My soul is connected heavy with God
My soul is forgiving

Let me reveal to you the emotions that prise through a young woman like myself when she is convinced she is someone’s forever. Let me convey the hope and loyalty infused in me someone who built up her wall after wall.

Only to feel as though I was torn down by someone who pulled me deeply into their love.

I cannot gather those emotions into words the same way I cannot describe the way I felt when you took it all away.

But what I want you to know is.
I still love myself and I still know what Love is and what Love isn’t.

My love is a love that comes from deep within my soul. It is a love I was taught by My Mother and my God. I didn’t want to be one of those who lost my love because of circumstances in life.

God never loses his Love for us ; so why shall we lose our Love for one another

People in this world will hurt you; lie to you; break you; but that would never give me a reason to not hold onto love.

God is Love ; and those who take side on that will never lose that true feeling inside that just creates who you are.

Love isn’t real to anyone anymore ;
Maybe people should normalise what Love really is.

Revelation 21:4. 'He will wipe every tear from their eyes.

Psalm 73:26 My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

There’s a flame in my soul that’s been set a light since you went off on your heavenly flight …

It burns
It aches
It cases immense pain

I know none of this is your fault, none of this is anyone’s fault.

This is life
To God we belong and to God we shall return

But this flame…
Some days I want it to stay forever so your with me forever “ other days I want you to come blow out this flame and take away every piece of pain

There’s a purpose in this pain ~ Because there is purpose in your death

Eternal Life is now where you rest

Gracefully Resting, While we Gracefully Accept & Understand.

While we Gracefully heal and conceal every memory we have of you.

I miss you

I love you

I miss you

I love you

    Today’s affirmations….
    My past does not control me
    My trauma does not define me
    I am strong
    I am capable
    And I am free

    She is brave … not because she is fearless because she trusts in JESUS. She steps onto life's battlefield with her eyes set on the Lord. Her allegiance is with Christ! Though the enemy calls her name and demands she come into agreement with his plans, she will not participate in her own destruction. The woman warrior for Christ remains safe and secure within the Lord's camp. She chooses with her will to obey His commandments. She chooses with her will to walk in His ways. She chooses with her will to fight her battles through prayer, praise, and the very Word of God. She knows when she submits herself to Him, the enemy must flee. JESUS is her strength. She is brave in HIM.

    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
    (Joshua 1:9)

    You see A Woman of God, A woman of Faith A woman of pure Love and pure intentions

    Well she don’t come often these days and when they do appear in your life they are sent for reason, for purpose.
    Not for pain and sadness.

    Woman of God know how to Love whole

    Woman of God are easy to break but also easy to fix right back up why?

    Because before a woman of God loved anyone else she Loved God first and then herself.

    A woman of God well let me tell you she is a special kind of woman

    She sees no wrong and full of forgiveness; she’s easily broken yet gracefully healed

    You can know a woman of God down to the pit.

    & she will always come out stronger than she was the first time

    All woman are to be appreciated
    All woman are to be Loved correctly
    All woman are to be protected

    & that woman of God she’s not perfect, But oh how she’s caring,Loving, patient and kind

    To all women ;

    • You as a woman can never fail with such a Powerful,Wonderful God right beside you.

    • To all you women who think you aren’t pretty enough yes you are your beautiful your beyond beautiful because the Lord created you

    • You as a woman can take on anything because you are beautifully strengthened by God

    • To all you women dealing with a broken heart God broke that relationship for a reason God gracefully broke your heart so he can gracefully heal you because something better and something new is in store for you

    • To you single mama’s I know it’s tough I know sometimes you feel like giving up but always remember you are special; you are appreciated especially by our Lord who gives you strength to pull through all those hard days you endure

    • You as a woman shall not be afraid for whatever situation you are enduring and you may feel you “CANT” not more the Lord is right by you strengthening you every step of the day.

    • To all you women don’t give up God knows a Strong woman can only handle and make it through such things which is why he chose you

    May the Lord be with every woman struggling and all woman in general


      When cancer slowly takes away the life of someone you love, there are no words.


      Just utter silence.. because no words will ever give JUSTICE to the fight you just witnessed. Nothing can explain why Cancer came and took a hold of someone you Love to the heavens above and back.


      DEAR CANCER, I’ve never hated anything/anyone in my life but I HATE YOU!

      Cancer scares me beyond belief.

      This is the 5th time.. The 5th Soul…
      Cancer shows no mercy, not at all .. Cancer aims and shoots without a care in the world on who it’s going to knock down… it’s doesn’t care it just takes

      It has no mercy.

        The feeling of feeling nothing at all.
        Then feeling everything at once.
        The ache rushing through your body. At just one thought of anything failing again.
        That long lasting anxiety leaving you feeling hopelessly able.
        UnAble to do anything but sit silently wondering Why?.. ( No answer comes )

        That pain in your chest I swear hearts truly break
        It’s as though someone’s playing Tug of war with your heart and playing melodies that tear you apart.
        Love never happens to be the best ending for me and for many others too.

        Love has a tendency to scar deep.
        Creating wounds that continuously weep.

        Becoming another thing you COPE with day to day knowing that ache won’t ever go away.
        It’s truly here to stay.

        The heart is fragile just like the body… but…
        that Soul, that Soul is what makes you … and it’s that Soul that silently breaks you …

        The heart you feel
        The mind you hear
        But the Soul
        The Soul is SILENT my dear …


        Philippians 4:6-7

        The Bible says

        “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

        I won’t worry myself because I have Jesus and he is my help.

        If tomorrow I shall loose everything I still won’t worry myself. Because I’m STRONG in spirit and RICH in faith.

        Loosing it all is such a SMALL PRICE compared to Jesus giving his life for US.

        Thank God for Jesus Christ

        People come and go but throughout life CHRIST never let me go.
        My Jesus still loves me the same so I won’t worry myself.

        Why should I worry when GOD is my KING
        Why should I worry when GOD washes away my SINS
        Why should I worry when HE covers everything
        Why should I worry when HE lives within
        Why should I worry when GOD is on TIME
        Why should I worry when I belong to Jesus Christ.

        I won’t worry myself

        I remember when I went away because I thought I found the Love of my life. I rubbed shoulders with that same Love but there was always a piece of something missing. So when the Holy Spirit showed up and revealed my Lovers truth.

        I gave it all up to Jesus because I knew it was SIN
        I gave it all up, thank God I gave it all up

        I gave up on Love because I wasn’t truly Loved
        I gave up on Love because no one truly Loved me
        I gave up on Love because those who I dated treated me only as though I was good to sleep with but not good enough to stay with
        I gave up on Love because I would only be used and abused.

        Disrespect I gave up on being disrespected because respect means so much more to me I gave up on pain because pain sent me suicidal

        I gave it all up for exchange for Gods Grace and Jesus and now the devil is mad at ME

        I Gave it all up for Jesus and I would do it again
        I didn’t want to die in SIN.

        Gave it all up to Jesus because I’m so in love with him.

        There comes a time when
        Trying is less important and learning to let it go is more important for your self sanity.
        Especially when your good Energy is Unappreciated.

        Helping a individual because you Love them shouldn’t be draining in a way your heart is broken it should be draining in a way you can’t wait to cuddle up with them after a longgggg day of running around after that one you Love because I mean Love makes you do the most right!? It shouldn’t be a hurtful Drain it should be a Graceful Drain.

        I’m a True believer of being there for those who are going through tough times wether that being that same person who destroyed you because what does 2 halves make? a whole.

        Trying until you can’t no more is truly a blessing and a curse.
        A blessing because no matter what hurt your feeling your able to put that aside and strengthen the other before yourself
        A curse because in the end we end up in the same position Alone.

        Not completely alone but alone with God and our thoughts.

        If people thought about others feelings or truly how a certain situation could effect another individual Love could be a beautiful thing.

        Healing is different for us all …
        Some heal within weeks and some within months and then there’s those who take years.

        Healing comes in waves of different emotions..
        There’s days you wake up feeling Great! Feeling you can conquer everything you set your mind upon. Then there’s days you don’t want to get out of bed you’ve lost all motivation for anything in life. You feel withdrawn. Your soul feels tired your crying inside to hide the true pain of what you feel.

        The pressure and weight you feel from all of this can never compare to the divine feeling God blesses you with after healing

        God healing is terrible yet so beautiful!
        Beautiful because in the end that painful healing becomes your Grace.
        Beautiful because you never knew you had such strength to heal from such a ache.
        Beautiful because you finally take a hold on what your worth.

        pressure creates a Beautiful Diamond and your almost done being moulded ….



          It’s been 8 years …

          8 Years since I seen your beautiful face, heard your contagious laugh … & heard that sweet voice …

          8 years of not being able to hug you

          Nanny.. I’m still in disbelief like did this really happen to you? To us ? Did cancer really come and make you sick… did it all really happen… are you still here? Is dad just keeping us from seeing you again…

          God, Jesus, Nanny I miss you so much I know deep in my soul it’s real.. but my mind will forever leave me in disbelief

          I know your in heaven my soul knows your safe, your no longer in pain your no longer struggle your no longer a “Cancer Patient”
          Your free with Jesus, Your with God.

          8 year is too long .. Sometimes things happened and we just don’t know why …

          But I know you flew up to heaven
          By the wings of angels
          And you walk with Jesus

          I know your smiling saying “Don’t worry about me” …

          8 years, My Soul can’t believe …

          Rest Gracefully with Jesus,
          With Grandma,
          With God

          Walk with Jesus my Love take your rest
          God knew you deserved the best
          That’s why your now taking your
          Eternal rest

          I love you

          I miss you

          I love you

          I miss you

          I love you

          I miss you

          I love you

          From, Your LALA


          The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23

          “Watch over your heart with all diligence, for from it flows the springs of life

          Physically the heart and mind are separate organs. Spiritually we recognise that our hearts and our minds are congruent.

          A mind not cared for is a kind filled with void.

          In Corinthians 1:6:19:20 the bible refers to our bodies as a temple of the Holy Spirit and we are commanded to honour God with not only our heart,mind but with our bodies our SOULS

          Trusting God helped me through.
          I made it.
          I made it through that terrible pain/hurt I made it through the days I felt I wanted to die I made I through the days I couldn’t all because GOD.

          I held my Trust in God & made it through
          I feel great
          I feel happy I no longer feel those days of hurt
          Or pain.

          I feel days of GRACE and complete PEACE

          Thank-you Lord, Thank-you Heavenly Father for never giving up on me, Thank-you for healing my heart and continuously guiding me in life.
          I’ve learnt patience,peace of mind/body/SOUL it’s sacred losing yourself completely is never worth it for a great God created us and if God never gives up nor shall WE.

          Always remember:
          God is always there he never leaves us. We leave God. God is waiting on US always.


            I truly believe in the powerful healing of Jesus Christ our saviour.

            The Power of healing
            The Power of change

            I truly believe Jesus can amend those bends and turn them from healing to healed and change to changed.

            Back tracking on life I’ve been in many situations where I’ve felt a lot of things I’m doing some feel right and some feel wrong. I questioned myself multiple times I felt a battle between Jesus and between what I was choosing for myself. This became a daily battle where I was full of sadness and nothing seemed to be going right for me.
            Love kept failing,Life kept failing. Everything around me was falling apart and I just had no hope for anything I was completely blind sighted Jesus showed me every sign, every signal , every next step my soul knew but my mind told me different this went on for almost 2 years I was drained and tired my soul felt worn out.

            I was battling trying to save Love that was destroying my soul; Blind sighted that Jesus was directing me and that’s why I was feeling such a awful way.

            Until one night I cried and poured my soul out to Jesus and asked “Please I can’t anymore I can’t handle this anymore I don’t want to live I don’t want to sin killing myself would be much more of a sin than I’m already committing” I cried that night and spoke and asked for forgiveness for restoration of the soul,mind,body and spirit I begged Jesus to save me.

            Jesus saved me; Jesus was always trying to save me. All those battles I had been feeling between Jesus and my choice of life.

            This I’m going through I know is my TEST which in Jesus name will become my TESTIMONY I have complete faith.

            My time isn’t over I have a long road ahead but at that moment I felt I wanted to end everything Jesus showed up he stood in front of me and saved my soul.

            Life has many options; Eternity has two. Either you live by Gods and choices word or you live by your own

            I’m gracefully healing day-by-day and I truly believe Jesus won’t stop until he gets me there.

            ; My Journey continues ..

            Because God wanted Love  —

            Love ; something so precious and so pure even the smallest animal or flower seeks love. So why must we hurt one another ?

            1 Corinthians 13:7 says “ it always protects, always trusts , always hopes, always preservers”. LOVE never fails the bible says so.

            Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for those that despitefully use you;


            GOOD FRIDAY

            Jesus is our saviour

            ✝️💟 ~ May all of us be blessed with the goodness of Good Friday on this day and always. On this graceful occasion, I pray and hope that God's love fills your heart and soul. Enjoy Good Friday and Easter. I pray and Hope our savior blesses you always and you give him the most superior place in your heart.

            #womanoffaith #womanofgod ♥️✝️✨🌺☺️

            Let God

            Sometimes God will create a protective shield around us so that nothing will be able to get through to destroy us. Other times things will get through that Protective shield but worry not for the Lord God himself will be there to help you overcome, God will take away the enemy and restore you.

            Sometimes God will fight the battle through you and other times God will fight the battle for you.

            God will never fail you
            God will give you strength in need
            God will never betray you

            God will fight your battles and show you how powerful God himself is by protecting you at all Costs

            It’s hard but you got this.
            There’s days you may feel you’re on top of the world you can conquer anything you can focus you can work happily
            YOU SMILE.

            Then there are days YOU just don’t get out of bed
            can’t focus you feel like the whole world has collapsed so you cry and sleep because In that moment the pain feels uncomfortable It’s as though you can’t breathe s

            There is a lesson in everything
            And I truly believe by God there is an outcome for you a great outcome in every lesson there is a test and the outcome of that test is always in Gods favour.

            Be Thankful to God ; as Gracefully healing isn’t easy but it’s worth it to be that woman you was years before you met them.

            God is in control

            ♥️ —

            There’s been times I’ve felt I’m going out of my mind as though there’s no where for me to turn my mind overthinking leading me to do negatives. There’s been times where I’ve cried for hours crying GOD GOD GOD and the Lord has shown there has been times where I’m in complete despair unable to carry the heaviness and the Lord HOLDS ME HIGH you see without the Lord who would I be? How would I be? Where would I be?.. Only God knows the answer and that’s why he saved me and always kept me.

            I hold perfect peace with the Lord complete happiness with Grace. I feel the fullness of his wonderful Love and the strength of his wisdom. Through all the negatives I found positives by holding onto my faith no matter what got in the way

            The devil will interrupt multiple times, but the devil will never win for the strength of my God is THE MOST POWERFUL OF ALL.

            Without my faith I would still be depressed,confused, tired unable to focus I wouldn’t be alive I wouldn’t have had my chance as I do now to be saved by the Lord and our saviour Jesus Christ.


            God will take care of you

            Whatever your going through know there is a Powerful Loving God your are never Alone

            Saturday 24th April 2021 ;

            God will take care of you, God will listen to your cries God will take care if you let him

            As I wake in the morning still baring the pain speaking out to God to be with me today again please oh God continue healing my weary heart My God hears each and every word and brightens my day without the Lord where would I as a woman in today’s world be

            God takes care of you when ever one on earth deserts you.

            You need to cry tears of joy
            Through Gods powerful Love I/We believe God will heal and take care of every worry

            Nows the time to thank God, Thank God for loving you Thank God for holding you while your weak Thank God for it all.

            God will take care of you

            Prayer ;

            Dear Lord, Help me remember what a difference it makes when I make time with You a priority in my morning. Awaken me in body and spirit each day with a desire to meet with You and to hear You speak words of affirmation, assurance, and wisdom over my heart as I prepare to go into my day. In Jesus' name, Amen

            Yes you can laugh, Yes you can mock
            Yes You can tell me whatever you like

            But with the Word of God I know your not right so I just sit tight and await on the date you take of on that flight.

            That flight with Jesus.

            The Holy Spirit

            That flight where you have no heart to mock or laugh at another who is below you;

            That flight where your heart is so pure you radiate that beautiful aroma of Gods Love

            That flight that takes you so high you don’t feel that same pain as much as you used to

            That flight that surprises you with success without failure

            That flight of being saved

            That flight is Jesus

            Genesis 21:6

            “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

            Isaiah 5:20

            “Whoa to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness.”

            Proverbs 17:22

            "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."

            "God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns."

            God is with all us women

            In every Good situation and even our worst situations God is always with us.

            The Lord is here to give us strength for a new day
            No matter what.
            A woman who holds God close to her heart will always be covered in God’s Powerful protective strong shield of Love.

            Have a Blessed Sunday 🌹

            Women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips, but temperate, faithful in all things.

            As a woman of God acts in a serious manner that is respectful and worthy, she gives of no indication to cause you any harm.

            A woman of God comes with peace and love.
            She does not speak words without truth ; A woman of God is gentle and patient.

            She is Loyal,devoted and kind she is Faithful in all things that please God.


            For the longest I felt a battle between God and between people I Love.

            God knew those people I Love, Truly didn’t Love me the same back.

            God threw battles as I continued to choose those I Love and gradually I felt myself losing connection with God losing Connection with the world and losing Connection with myself.

            It was up to me to find God; Not for God to find me God was present the whole time Awaiting for my return.

            Things can go from Good to bad but having faith and choosing Gods Love realising you can’t continue creating holes in yourself for other peoples bullets sometimes you have to choose God completely!

            Why I say this? Because God is the true healer of everything

            MIND , BODY & SOUL so before finding a new Love of earth I found my new Love In Spirit “GOD”

            It was as though My God said enough is enough Your giving your Love only to receive a Love not a Kind as yours and when the time is right for you to receive that earthly Love I shall send someone who’s Love and kindness is as pure as yours.

            Don’t stay when Love is one sided; And don’t react the same. Find your peace in God and you will see your life miraculously change.

            Gods word is true.

            How do I stop this feeling my heart feels as though it’s screaming. I keep praying every moment every ache every thought I keep praying ‘God please not again’ I can’t deal with this it’s a constant questioning to myself and to God but I can’t/won’t seem to ever find that answer.

            How you getting on after you threw me like I was nothing? How’s your new woman you know the one you built some shit with based of a lie?
            Wait was it even a lie? Because shit sometimes I feel I was the LIE I was the Rebound who heard all the sweet/loving words anything to win my heart around right?

            Did you forget I had a soul? For with a soul comes a heart but the soul is sacred attach yourself to someone soul it’s a whole different type of place.

            My soul won all your words ; My heart just played a roll.

            Little did you know the ache I feel everyday not knowing how you could allow me to forgive you for hurting me only too leave me anyway.

            Love isn’t senseless; individuals like you are senseless on how to act on Love.

            You live in a society where the amount of woman you can get is like a stardom to you instead of creating whats real you create what gets you seen/spoke on..

            Society relationships ain’t it. PERIOD!

            Thankful I never Lost my Love in the process of losing myself to you.

            It’s something some find easy, Some find difficult.
            Learning to re-Love yourself is a mission.

            See I’ve never Loved myself but I’ve always Loved others there’s not such thing as you can’t Love someone without Loving yourself. At one point in my life I Loved God without Loving myself and now I’m at a stage where I Love God and I Love me but through those times in my life where I felt no Love for myself. I was able to Love others. I was able to show Love and send Love but always afraid to receive Love.

            God taught me that no matter that the Love you have inside you is special especially those who don’t Love them selves yet Love so many others.

            Don’t allow failure of Love dictate how you Love, yes those failures may be the cause of you not loving yourself but hold onto faith because God, God knows your a special kind of Soul who Loves others so deeply while still trying to Love themselves.

            God is with you ~ ♥️

            Life isn’t Promised… Today,Tomorrow the next.. you never know what God has in store for you.

            In life. Remember there is no map to give you guidance you just create your own path.

            Don’t be afraid to fail because failing means new experiences new challenges and something greater lays ahead.

            Running from your failures is running away from having the opportunity to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!

            Be courageous. Life has so many challenges and always remember kindness is your greatest asset so use it every chance you have carry one act of kindness daily even if its just a smile to brighten a stranger’s life because you never know when it might be too late.

            We cry frequently, but we can still laugh.

            Keep love in your heart,Love as if there is no tomorrow. Love unconditionally.

            It hurt my Soul that’s the difference.

            Left me feeling a feeling;

            God could only repair.

            Hearts they mend I truly believe.
            But the Soul.

            The Soul takes time,takes patience.
            Takes a whole new stage of healing.

            Breaking a Heart can leave you in despair.

            Breaking a Soul now that’s a senseless feeling right there.

            I AM A WOMAN

            A WOMAN WITH A HEART

            A WOMAN WITH A SOUL


            A WOMAN WHO’S HUMBLE

            A WOMAN WHO’S WORTHY



            A WOMAN WHO IS LOVE

            A WOMAN OF GOD



            A WOMAN WITH A NAME