My Top Buys

Gear I have in my streaming/gaming setup.


Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse

I just got this mouse and I love it so far! Very light and I love the side button positions better than my last mouse. Would recommend!

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Millennium Falcon Rug

This is the rug I have in my stream room. I love it! It’s dope and you want one!

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Razor Basilisk Wireless Mouse

This mouse is wireless and has 2 programmable side buttons. I’ve been using it for a while and love it!

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Taser Cynosa Chroma Keyboard

This keyboard has all the RGBs. Haha, but for real this keyboard is great, definitely recommend!

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Sure MV7

This is the microphone I use in all my streams! It has usb and an XLR port. This is a great mic to start with if you don’t have an audio interface. Perfect for a growing streamer!

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Sony Alpha a6000

This is the face cam I use in all of my streams! It’s easy to set up and looks amazing on streams! I even use the kit lens it comes with and the depth of field looks great! Definitely recommend this as a starter DSLR

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Elgato Camlink 4K

This is how I have my DSLR hooked up to my Pc for streams. It allows the camera to be recognized as a webcam for easy setup.

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Elgato HD60 S+ Capture Card

This is the capture card I use to capture my gameplay from the Xbox, Playstation, and Switch.

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Acoustic Sound Panels

These are the sound panels I have in my room. I have a total of 24 in the teal and black colors. There are 13 colors available. These things work great and are budget friendly!

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Desk Mounts

I have three of these mounts. 2 holding my key lights and one holding my DSLR.

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Neewer Key Lights

This is what I use for my key lights. Great alternative to the expensive Elgato lights!

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LG 32” 2k 165hz Gaming Monitor

This is my main gaming display. You’ve probably seen it in a few of my TikToks! Great monitor for a great price!

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LG 27” 2K Monitor

I’ve got two of these mounted vertically on either side of my main monitor. These are only 60hz, but they’re perfect for displaying OBS, chat, discord, audio settings, and more!

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3 Monitor Desk Mount

So disclaimer, I got my monitor mount second hand. This one pictured is not the exact mount as mine but the closest thing I could find to it.

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NZXT Kraken Z73

This is the CPU cooler I have in my custom built PC. I love this thing! You’ve probably seen it multiple times on my TikTok!

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Brook Xbox One Adapter

This item has been super handy! I was never a fan of the Playstation controller, and this allows me to use my Xbox controller on my PS, Switch, and more!

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HDMI 4x2 Matrix

This 4 input, 2 output HDMI matrix is what I use every stream! I love it, and the viewers in chat love seeing the tv behind me! It also comes in handy when I want to casually play from the couch.

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Controller Wall Mounts

These wall mounts look just as good as they are useful!! Easy to mount and clears up much needed desk space!

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Standing Desk Frame

This standing desk frame was easy to put together and came with an optional cable tray and casters! Easily one of the best purchases for my stream room!

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Philips Hue LED Bulbs

I use these bulbs every stream and they are easy to connect to Twitch using the Lumia app! They’re also part number one for making the light cubes in my stream room.

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Puroma Cube Storage Organizer

This product is the second item my wife used to make my light cubes. They’re well made and glow perfectly!

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Light Bulb Socket and Cable

This is the third item my wife used to make the light cubes in my stream room. They work great and have a handy switch on the cord to power them on easily.

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4 Inch Zip Ties

This is the item holding my light cubes together. They’re also perfect for cable management!

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