The Frostie Rebel

Hey there!

My name is Crystal Frost. Allow me to take a moment and explain why I call myself a rebel.

I am a personal trainer. An overweight one. I've fought with everything I learned to lose weight. Instead, I found myself at 222 lbs and at a loss. I've bounced between 195 and 216 for a few years, but found myself at 218 in April 2021.

That's when two things happened.

My amazing coach 1spunkysisgetsfit - created a 3 day tracker for me and is working very closely with me. You can find her Instagram link on my link page.

Pure Therapeutic Ketones entered my life. I have been drinking Prüvit Ketones for only a shirt time and although I lost nearly 5 lbs the first week, had better energy, better focus, better digestion, and I wasn't bloated... I started only having one a day for novel use and kinda stopped paying attention to my food.

I rededicated myself to this journey - I NEED to be healthier for a number of reasons.

Follow me to watch how things go over the next...

One Week

Two Weeks

Three Weeks

One month...

Two months...

Three months...

My birthday will be soon after that and if this keeps going the way that it is... I will become a promoter.

The benefits so far have been:
-The mom-brain fog cleared
- I can focus
- I have more energy and I'm dancing around everywhere. The hubs keeps chuckling at me.
- I am happier.
- I've lost weight! Not just from Ketones! 1spunkysisgetsfit is helping me make 3 day plans. I am tracking what I eat, very closely, but I really haven't changed much of my food intake from how I was eating. My only method of tracking is measuring and writing down my three day plan. Anymore tracking than that drives me crazy!
- I am noticing hunger cues and fullness cues! That may seem weird, but I had stopped feeling hungry unless I went nearly a day without food. It was scary and a symptom I'll be mentioning to my Doc when I go in.
- I feel like ME again! The hubs even said, "Its nice to see you so happy and you have so much energy." I asked him, "Feel like you got your wife back?" He chucked, then said, "I've always had you, but yes, it's nice to see this again."

I am rebelling against what others think. I am rebelling against this box I've put myself in! I took the dive, and a giant leap of faith, and bought my first shipment. I drank them the day they arrived and started tracking exactly what I'm eating. Through smarter eating and Ketones, I'm hopeful for the future. I am rebelling for me. I choose me! Hopefully, I can help others do the same in a few months. ❤️