Hey I'm gonna tell how my account is made

So i will be putting on here my old and new colloring. And wich apps and wich apps i recommend...also wich filters you can use on instagram and how !
Also picture credits are going to pinterest and Fleurashelp on tiktok

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Colloring from colourtone

So the apps we need: prequel, colourtone

We're gonna start off at colourtone
We use the filter azur (it's from brooklyn)
And then we're going to the circle right down...
We're gonna put the exposure: 100 and the rest you just chose a bit
The orange a lil to left
And the rest of the colors were gonna put the exposure to: -100
That's it

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Old prequel colloring

So...after colourtone were gonna open prequel...

The effect i use for this one is dust
Dust: 100
Filter: 0

And then the tap adjust:
The first one: -100
The next one: -20
Other two next both: -100
And saturation: -25
And that's it you got it...

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New prequel colloring

My new colloring you do the same on colourtone
Then open prequel:

Effects: dust, teal
Dust the same as before the dust: 100
The rest 0
Real just hold it like how it was...

Exposure: -100
Contrast: -20
Highlights: -50
Shadows: 50
Skintone: 70
Saturation: -20
Temperature: -100
Sharpen: -15
Glow: 25
Blur: you chose how you want it

And that's it you got this

Also this is my colloring

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Apps i recommend

Apps i really do recommend is:
for your own aesthetic music if you want and for blur at the beginning

For fonts i think most of us use this also if you want vont on Android search in the store phonto tap the green letters and boom

Foodie: for more cute filters

for your own website like this one

Prequel and colourtone are my highest recommends !!!

for cute stickers

For cute pics of your idol and much more!!!!

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Self love

Also guys I've seen lots of people struggling with self love... And this really breaks my heart !

You're body is beautiful
You're beautiful
Forgive yourself for your mistakes
Push toxic people away they will only hurt you

Also stay healthy...
Corona is a d*adly virus
Stay safe at home pls...

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Cow print face

U need insta for this !!!

So u go to instagram and go to effects and search moow and save and done

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