my account details🤍

just my account description

1 card - coloring
2 card - fonts
3 card - accounts
4 card - q&a
5 card - question and simbols !

my coloring

cc : dunkispai

:: apps included :: 24fps : prequel : colourtone : ultralight ::

24fps : apply the qr code image called “tak3 on m3”

ultralight : red + 1 : pink +10 : clarity -7

prequel : contrast: -25, highlights: 100, shad: -100, saturation: -30, blur : 50, boston filter 50

colourtone : jasmine hand > marble filter

and you’re done ! remember this isnt my coloring is it @dunkispai old coloring !

my fonts

i get my fonts from “”

Hug me tight (question)
Gentle Rewind (wm)
kclcupid (hearts)

all my accounts

i have 2 accounts ONLY!

Main : @fruiticgd
Backup : fleurrcgds

all about me and q&a

:: some facts about myself ::

hii! my name is layla and im 10-13 years old! i love charli damelio (obvi) and believe i can make it far! my ibfs aree khloé and aly💗 (ily guys!) my account was inspired by @charscliors !

questions you might wanna ask/know!

Q -can we be ibfs?
A -ofc! only on tt, i dont have sp or insta! and i might reach a limit of 4-5 AND i need to know you and chat w you for atleast 5-8 days!

Q -when will you do a face rev?
A -whenever im comfortable!

Q -can i join your acc
A -no srry!

ask me more questions, those are all i cant think of atm!