The Broken Boy

I will be releasing my book based on a mentally damaged serial killer, in December 2020

George Stanley. A volunteer in the health profession. An innocent to the eyes of the police. A beloved son and brother. A beloved boyfriend. A very quiet and calm boy.

But that life is a lie to the world because he is, in the nature, a serial killer of murderers and rapists.

Things seem to be going well after three years of doing so but the recollection of repressed memories takes a toll resulting in minor slip ups between recent kills. He uses his girlfriend, Chloe Hayes, to get information on serial killers and to be in the loophole of his own killings.

After a screw up with Chloe, He begins to offer his services as a consulting voluntary forensic investigator to her father’s precinct where she works under her father’s supervision.

Together, they must find ways to distract her father from seeing the true colors of the both them. Even if it means getting hurt in the process.

I, Daimion Torres, hereby understand the conflict and trouble that will arise but am not to be held legally liable or responsible for the discussion regarding this book.

Winter 2020, find out if you fit the criteria of The Suicide-Killer