Shopee Check

you Smile, I Smile

Based on the thing I found it's interesting


comfortable and worth the price but no box obviously


Here some stationary thangss 😭 I love this so much . lagipun dekat Negeri Sembilan je, so here i drop shop link


There are Laundry Rack !! Its worth so muchhhh macam ala2 ikea but murah . I beli warna putih . Very recommend


Aesthetic cup for your morning or evening coffee and milk


Tulips flowers. I found it was the lowest price and so cheap Good feedback and secure packaging


another coffee mug . hehe im addicted to these thanggg lately


you're my moon lighting my dark night


I bought this to my mom, sbb dia kata dh lama cari sudu kayu mcm ni tpi mahal sgt sebijinyahhh soo here I found 6pcs only for....


Cute scrunchies haul . ni I drop link shop tau sbb hampir 90% dia jual scrunchy


lampu tidur, i found it so cute !! not so big not so small. sesuai buat tidur malam ( very recommend kpd yg takut gelap hihihi )


for your desk organizer, boleh letak skincare or cable . its up to you !!


another storage basket but this is travel friendly.


mana washie tap collector. Yalls really need this 😭


wajib beli kalau korang bukan seorang yg stern tu kekemasan


yang suka minum air sejuk sambil letak atas meja kena ada bibsonthat your book x drained dgn air kot ii tertumpah.


Do upgrade your mask guys. Ataupun pakai double mask. Musim pandemik ghisauu stay safe korang


metal's hair claw , tantik tangat