As high as my expectations

Often joking that she's "Jacquelyn of All Trades", Jacque is a trained graphic designer, experienced cannabis social media expert, and social consumption compliance nerd. Her humble start interning at the Fort Lewis College theatre department birthed a passion for special event marketing and design like no other. After moving to California to "get into corporate branding" she was quickly poached by a large cannabis distribution company - directly based off her student portfolio on Behance.net - where she settled in as a graphic designer, product developer, event planner, content photographer and social media manager alongside the executive team.

Moving to Denver to remedy a family crisis, Jacquelyn took a whack at the dispensary marketing model and quickly fell in love with social consumption events. When it was time, she took off to start her own content-based social marketing company Fuego Creative where she then partnered with Alyssa Aubrey of Kaya Events, holding down a large portion of Denver's cannabis events and even co-leading the Denver chapter of the womxn's cannabis consumption networks, Tokeativity, based in Portland, OR.

She now consults for various cannabis brands and corporate groups, helping them achieve overall greatness in their public presence. She enjoys a good kolsch and a sunny sativa any day, as well as playing video games with her fiancé and hiking the San Juans with their dog, Lola.

Jacquelyn is also a proud lesbian activist, cannabis space mentor and mental health advocate.

— Currently taking on clients for freelance services. Check out my “Photo Deck” link for pricing. DM or email for availability and travel.


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Fuego’s CO Picks

Colorado cannabis brands I stand behind

Twax by the Clear

Den Rec’s Poon Tang Pie

Highly recommend!! This gorgeous flower is hands down the tastiest I’ve ever had the opportunity of trying!

1906’s Love Beans

Elevated Harvest


Den Rec’s Butter Cookies

The Clear’s Tangerine Cream

1906’s Midnight