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Though the news of the world today might enervate you, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Let this be a space of equanimity and remind you that change is on the way. Until then, explore the things that make us, us and why we will continue to persevere ✨

Black Black and Black

Black Youtubers From Me To You

Each week I’ll feature more black YouTube’s I recommend everyone check out. These YouTubers are shifting the way we consume content and I suggest you get them before you have to pay for YouTube. We all know that day is coming...

Recommendation #1

“For Harriet” is a YouTube channel ran by Kimberly Foster, where she focuses on social issues, current events and highlights black feminism. On YouTube, she opens the floor to tackle political issues, leads conversations with impactful figures within the community and dissects tv shows/movies, leaving room to have deeper conversations and explore the depth behind the relatable scenarios presented. Her content will leave you having learned something new and able to spark meaningful conversations to influence generation after generation.

Recommendation #2

Jade Fox, hailing from the DMV, is a witty comedic content creator, providing you with relatable sketches and hilarious story times. Also representing the LGBTQ+ community, her channel also consists of lesbian friendly content including fashion and sex toy reviews. Her “Say What Sunday” segment, where she covers pop culture and the horrible choices celebrities makes daily recently came to an end but are still up to visit. If you need a good laugh I highly recommend her video on the time she got high at a college party. It. Is. Hilarious.

Recommendation #3

Sitting on half a million subscribers, Zach Campbell reacts to everything pop culture related, specializing in music reactions and even tackles social issues from time to time. His commitment and stance with LGBTQ+ rights, being a queer black man himself, oozes through the screen exuded through his confidence projected in all his videos. His expansive taste in music offers content suited for any and everyone. He covers a number of genres including pop, r&b, rap/hip hop and k-pop. His infectious energy will leave you dancing along by the end of the video.