hello there!

Hi! I'm a 24-year-old-caffeine-drunk woman who is ~*trying*~ to juggle teaching, grad school, crochet, and my almost quarter life. 😌 Started this hobby last July 2021 and I cannot stop omg. Now, this is my stress reliever from all the teacher and school things I do πŸ˜…. Well, sometimes I get stressed out w missed stitches and tangled yarns HAHAHA

Random fact is that I used to make loom bands back in 2013. I also loved making beaded bracelets when I was young. I never knew that yarns and hooks would excite me. ☻ Maybe there's rlly a part of me who appreciates arts and crafts πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

~ more crochet stuff abt me ~
β‹‘ fave crochet hook size: 3.5mm
β‹‘ fave yarn: combed cotton and milk cotton
β‹‘ fave crochet stitch: lemon peel and moss 🀍
β‹‘ 70% pattern dependent, 30% free hand independent woman πŸ˜… but rlly tho, i would still buy patterns and follow yt crochet tuts hehe

not crochet related but here are some personal stuff:
☁︎ i'm a math teacher by profession
☁︎ went to stc during prep to hs, ust for college, and currently in dlsu for grad skul *struggling*
☁︎ very madaldal esp if ur my friend
☁︎ reads a lot of horoscopes (leo β™ŒοΈŽ here hehe)
☁︎ loves coffee
☁︎ part-time budolera πŸ›πŸ’Έ


by gab ☁︎

lemon peel tube top

i love this so much!! it's easy to make and lemon peel stitch is so fun to work on πŸ‹

moonlit bralette by crochet.storie (lovecrafts' website) ☁︎

sooo happy that i get to make this quick project (and the pattern's free on ✨ i love the earthy tones i found on my yarn stash <3

stella top by

When I first saw this pattern on sale, I immediately went to my etsy account and bought it without second thoughts. The design is really good and you can play along with colors. Ms. Aly's pattern is everything!!! 😍 It's also mg first time to use Ashley's crochet 6-ply combed cotton and it's immaculate!!! *chef's kiss*

pink halter top by amanda love santos

I really wanted to make a pink crocheted top bc iykyk πŸ˜‰πŸ’–πŸŽ€ I followed Amanda Love Santos' youtube tutorial on this. I used shades of pink and a bit of multicolored yarn. I didn't expect that the colors will turn out good. ✨

halter top 🧑

recreated this beginner friendly crochet top!!! sooo happy i did this πŸ₯° had fun adding colors to this work

i followed craftee.panjee's youtube tutorial on this one. she was inspired by nix.crochet's halter top πŸ’–

strawberry pouch πŸ“πŸ’œ

this pouch is inspired by Mina from TWICE πŸ“one of my fave projects 🀍

checkered bucket hat 🎩

made this for my friend who loves pastel colors πŸ’• first time to freehand a bucket hat hihi proud of me yay πŸ₯°

hehe peep my bg on the photo

bucket hat πŸ₯‘

this is an avocado themed bucket hat for my v v supportive friend πŸ€— u can rlly tell that she luvs avocados πŸ₯‘

bt21 rj bucket hat πŸ’œ

made this for my army workmate aaa this one is easy to make 🀍 and it's soooo cute uwu

i followed zeelahgumamela's tutorial video on yt πŸ₯° easy to follow u guys should try it

granny square tote bag πŸ‘œ

this one has a special place in my heart bc ever since i started crocheting, ive always wanted to make a tote bag (god i love tote bags) πŸ™Š

i followed Bella Coco's youtube tutorial on this one (aaaa my fave crocheter on yt πŸ₯°). she made a thicker strap but i wanted a thinner one, so i just did double crochets for the strap. 🀍

bee 🐝

this is such a very easy amigurumi bubuyog πŸ₯Ί made this for my friend and his jowa (sana all) but it's hard to let go bc of the cuteness hahaha 🐝

i followed hooked by robin's yt tutorial on this one πŸ₯° another fave crocheter on yt hehe i swear u guys this one's easy to make and v v good for beginners who loves making amigurumis

pouch sleeve πŸ‘πŸŒΌ

commissioned a kindle sleeve for my friend who loves reading πŸ“–

flower coaster 🌸

v v cute pink and green coaster

corgi amigurumi 🐢

most challenging one that i did!!!! also my first time to read patterns huehue ☺️ pattern from GlamourxParade on Etsy 🀍