Gabriela Torres

Virtual Assistant

Hi, I am Gabriela! I am a virtual assistant. If you have get here, it is because you are looking for a way to free up your time to do what you love. I invite you to explore my page, you will find all kinds of information: my training and professional experience, my passions and everything I can help you with. Feel free to contact me or schedule a discovery call. I am looking forward to working with you.
Until then I wish you a happy day!

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Virtual Assistant Services

Hotel Consultancy

• Design operational processes for all departments of a Hotel or tourist apartment.
• Plan and organize the operation of a hotel.
• Advertising management. Open new distribution channels.
• Creation of new offers to increase sales volume.
• Customer service
• Rates management
• Management of the reviews of the different distribution channels
. . .

Social Media Management

• Overall Tasks
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Twitter
. . .

Event Consultancy

• Travel itinerary
• Meeting coordination
• Catalogue management
• Document creation (feedback forms, registration list…)
• Project Management
• Events operations
• Budgeting
• Pre-production communication
. . .

General Admin

• Schedule calls, interviews and meetings
• Email management
• Task management
• Send out contracts
• Respond to Customer support inquiries
• Online research
• Email Marketing
. . .

About Me

My Journey

I studied a degree in tourism in a Spanish University. I ended up doing what I like: working in hotels. But anyway, I have always been a person with an explorer spirit. Always wanting to learn more, here and there.

During my teenager years I was part of a music group, I began to familiarize myself with organizational procedures: with the internal management of our group, recruitment management and marketing on social media.

After my studies I fully concentrated on my professional career. It all started during my internship, I chose a hotel in my city. Where I discovered that I not only liked what I had studied, but that I was also good at it.
Some time after my internship, the same hotel contacted me again to ask me to join their team. That's how, I ended up being part of a hotel front desk for more than three years.

But everything changed during the pandemic, many changes and really quickly. I was involved in the management of the closure of the hotel, during the lockdown I had to manage the bookings that could not be made due to travel bans. However, time goes fast, soon my colleagues and I were planning a reopening. A reopening in a whole new scenario. They promote me to Manager on Duty and without even realizing it I was one hundred percent immersed in developing my position in the best way possible.

Which brings us to now, I am full of enthusiasm. Eager to find new projects and help everyone who wants to succeed in their projects.

More about me

Beyond the professional side. There are hundreds of things that I like. No loger ago, one of my biggest hobbies was writing short stories. Sometimes without any great sense, but always a good option to disconnect and let my imagination run wild.

After dreaming that I could paint, it didn't take me long to go to a paint store to buy my first watercolor notebook and my paintings.

And I can't forget how much I love to travel, connect with other cultures. Among my favorite places: Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and many others

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