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Gaia Eco Project (GEP) established on 2018 inspired from soul calling to take care mother earth by build parrot and nuri conservation, motivate people to reduce waste from home and share love through charity.

Our team come from different background and supported by United Nation PCCB (UNFCCC) since 2021. We love invite you in our team

Follow our activities and support us, to make earth more green !

Lets share LOVE!

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GEP Vision Mission

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Let's join us to build parrot (Nuri Kakaktua) conservation by make an impact in Eco social entrepreneur!

We welcoming volunteering in our international activities !

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Food Donation Program

Click here, if you intend to be our partners or volunteers in food donation program. E certificate available.

United Nation - GEP event

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We share our daily eco life, and our UN PCCB activities

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My 3 Top Picks Eco Product

This is my TOP 3 fav eco stuff, dont miss it babe!

I fall in love with organic product, since I knew they hand made with love! organic product also educate us to balance our body and soul, futhermore nature will support us significantly!

Try tiz one! I beliebe you will love it!

Recommendation #1

This is my lip treatment, since My have dried skin. I love this one because made puree 100% african cocoa shea, they smell delicious..

Cocoa shea is still one family from african shea, but absolutly the produce from different plants. Cocoa means chocolate..soo the got dark chocolate' favor. As additional, its little bit different: eventhough both of them safe to swallow..but cocoa has more sweeter taste than african shea. Soo that why, cocoa butter preferable use in royal icing favor differently with african shea that use in baking

Back to the topic, cocoa shea left more smoothness in your skin💘🤤 try it!

Recommendation #2

I love this SO MUCH ! Cannot say anymore. This is my organic soap bar, made from 6 type of vegetable oil and raw fruits. They not use fragrance..soo its totally safe even for children or sensitive type skin

First time I use, I little bit shock because the can help me to enhance my skin..my skin more soft..soo Im not use body lotion anymore!
And this product also help me to scrub my dead skin..soo it totally beneficial product! 3in 1💘💘

Recommendation #3

MAde from turmeric for brigthening skin. I had buy one and I promise I will continue to buy it..I love they smell, Calendula flower..soo relaxing...heaveeeeennnn

They also made from coconut milk soo its absolutly right choice if you also use it for your hair..multifunctional organic treatment is a Rock!

Try it..before it gone! Soaper only made 12 bars executively💘

5 Top Picks Soap Bar

Here 5 most buyer favorite

Top 5 pilihan pembeli💞💞💞💞💞

Recommendation #1 chocolate-cinnamon soap bar

HERE the 1st favorite soap bar. Made from chocolate and natural scrub from cinnamon. The soap has choco vanilla essence. As costumer review say the soap could bring clearness skin, reduce comedo, and acne. But in my personal opinion, they also help me to regenerate my skin, since they balance ph skin and make reborn new cell skin more easier !

I use it since 2 years ago and still love it ! The soap has a big size..so we could use it until 3 month. Its totally a big deal ! Also my favorite part is the smell..its like anm cake in soap form.. very delicious, sweet and good for reduce stress. I love their choco vanila smell !

Recommendation #2 Candy soap

Here the 2nd rank favorite of buyers!

Its a soap made from vegetables oil and coconut milk. Its good for dry skin, its a right choice for people who live in cold and timid wheather like Indonesia.
Its help me to smoothing my hand and foot skin. My skin never redness anymore since I use it. In additional buyers agreed that this soap have a nice smell like fruits candy.

This soap doesnt use fragrance and deterjent so its totally safe for children and sensitive skin!

Recommendation #3 ~Algae soap

This soap made from exlusive vegetable oil and extract of algae. As long my knowlegde, the green soap has a smoothen firm rather than white one, since they made from algae.
And my acne scar gone significantly! Totally love it

Colourfull handbody bar

Its phenomena!
Its 3 in 1 bar..it cute..i love it..its handbody bar,in traveling size but also can be your traveling soap! You can share with your friends and family.
If you reversed the soap, you will find shea under soap. They not use parfume so it totally fine consume by sensitive skin

Its good alternative if you want bring it as souvenir..it totally cute💞😭

Recommend 5~ Pink Gold Soap bar

Cute organic soap bar, with pink maroon and gold gliter.. its right choice for souvenirs!!
I can say no more about this soap..very stunning for organic soap

Soap class-Basic Registration

Let have fun during our class! We will learn from basic, medium, until expert! Grab our class, sis..and let make our world more sustainable !