About Me

Hello! I'm Sam and I love converting people to FM's amazing products

I'm 35 and I live in a small city in Somerset. I love anything home related, DIY and enjoying time with my little boy and hubby.

I adore perfume and make up but hate paying for expensive brands which is how I first found FM and later became a rep for them hoping to earn a little extra spending money.

If you love smelling amazing but not paying the designer price tag, ask me for a list of our inspired by fragrances or tell me your favourite and I'll find you a match.

I started my journey with FM in January of this year and it's helped me achieve something I've always wanted to do, become my own boss.

With FM I have flexibility meaning I can work around playing with my little boy and no risks involved as it's free to join and I don't have to pay for stock upfront, only when I place an order that my customer has already paid me for.

There's a great community of fellow FM reps who are always happy to help or answer questions. If you fancy joining my team and becoming part of this fantastic company, please send me a no commitment message for all the information you'll need.

✉️ gaithousefragrances@gmail.com

About FM

FM Federico Mahora

FM have over a 1000 products in their catalogue which includes make up, anti aging and many more with their inspired by designer fragrances being the most popular.

FM buy from the same distilleries the majority of designer brands; you do not pay for the brand name, the celebrity advertising or the fancy bottles...you simply pay for the perfume.

I can match fragrances to Creed, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, Chanel, Dior and many more favourites.

Message me for a full list.

✉️ gaithousefragrances@gmail.com


My Top Picks

A few of my favourite FM items

Recommendation #1

18 inspired by Chanel Coco Mademoiselle very quickly became a new favourite of mine. Very easy to wear everyday, it lasts all day long and smells incredible.

Recommendation #2

Has to be the colour intense lipstick in Amazing Nude, the colour is exactly what I wanted, I've never found that perfect nude lippy until now.

You don't wear the bottle, You wear what's inside

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