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Hi! Welcome to my website. Here you will see colouring tutorials, fonts, questions ideas and everything you need if you are a fanpage!


Colouring tutorials ☕

Make sure to give credits!

@turtleaddison 's colouring

Exposure 25
Highlights 42
Shadows 100
Sharpen 25
Aberration 60
Blur 15
Filter teal 100
Effect Weather 0

Filter Coogee 1.00

On 🔺
Clarity +10
Sharpen -10


Indie kid


Indie Kid 75
Highlights 100
Vibrance 25
Temperature -33
Saturation 50
Diamond filter 100 everything on 0

Summer 🌞

Cc: me (give credits!)

Filter Pastel 75
Effect Sparkles
100%, 10%, 81%, 75%

Exposure 50
Highlights -100
Sharpen 50
Haze 25
Glow 12

Fanpage pack?!

Everything you need if you are a fanpage!

Everything you need if you are a fanpage! Fonts and questions!

Fonts 4 u!

better together script
better together spaced
can dog
paris old style
chasing ember
cute icons
DJB doodled bits
fairy tales
garlic salt
hill country
hipster icons
KG flavor and frames three
KG miss kindy chunky
letters for learners
menina graciosa
moms diner
nature pro
pretty you ( not in dafont)
rainy hearts
better together script
- blue eyes
- biko
- butterflies
- can dog
- cat cafe
- cheeky rabbit
- children sans
- cream demo
- cutewritten regular
- dinomik
- DJB doodled bits
- eternal amsterdam
- garlic salt
- lemon milk medium
- lion cub regular
- local brewery sans
- mermaid bold
- muthiaria


Questions! Not all of them are mine

Boys comment 💙 and girls comment❤️
‌Have you ever done a gain train?
‌Only ppl that support me can c-link
‌if charli never exist who do you think deserves 100million
‌Whats the most expensive thing u ever bought
‌Have u ever tried loggin to ur idols acc?
‌Is ur dream username taken?
‌Single ppl comm 🤍 and taken comm💖
‌How many vids do u upload per day?
‌How do u think my acc smells
‌You take a test your battery is how much thou get
‌Do u support tonny?
‌Are you scared of horror movies
‌How many phones have you had?
‌If your favourite colour is blue you have to like (if you want)!
‌How long have you had your account?
‌Is your room aesthetic?
‌Do you play any musical instrument?
‌Do you prefer dresses or pants?
‌Do your friends like your style?
‌Do you like the colour of your eyes?
‌What's your favourite show?
‌Do you follow your followers back?
‌Do you have a fp?
‌How many fanpages do you think Charli has?
‌Why did you make your account?
‌Are you over the age of 11?
‌Find your birthday twins in the comments!
‌Pick a number 1-10 and find your number twin in the comments
‌What's your favourite food?
‌What's your favourite sport?
‌Who is your favourite cartoon character?
‌Do you watch Anime?
‌If you had 200£ what would you buy?
‌What's your dream job?
‌What's your favourite mobile game?
‌Are you a morning or a night person
‌With how many pillows do you sleep
‌Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
‌Describe yourself in 5 words
‌Who has the best phone in your family?
‌How many books have you read this year?
‌If you have called your teacher mom, you have to like!
‌Have you ever got 100% / A+ on a test?
‌How many siblings do you have?
‌Have you ever had a surgery before?
‌Do you wear summer or winter clothes rn?
‌Do you have your own colouring and theme?
‌Do you judge people by their personality or look?
‌What time do you finish school?
‌What's your favourite drink?
‌Are you more an indoor or outdoor person?
‌If you could visit anyone on the world who would you visit?
‌Do you like traveling on airplanes?
‌What's sth you like but can't get it?
‌What's your favourite brand of shoes?
‌Do you like drawing?
‌What do you want for your birthday?
‌Do you eat dinner or study first?
‌Do you have + 1k followers?
‌What emoji will you pay to delete?
‌Name an app with the first letter of your name in it.
‌Claim a fanpage before they are taken!
‌Does your phone have a home button?
‌Say ‘hi’ in every language u know
‌Type iPhone X and replace the "x" with ur batter percentage.
‌-has ur name ever been in a song?
‌-what app do u use the most?
‌- when was the last time u cried?
‌What's your zodiac sign?
‌How much do you have likes in total? - ib: nikolinaspica
‌Who is (ur idols name)? Wrong answers only.
‌Only people that support (ur user) can copylink
‌What's your favorite social media?
‌What's the first app you check when you wake up?
‌Do emoji math in the comments (like: 🙂+🕶= 😎
‌Do you play roblox?
‌drop a lyrics and let other people finish them!
‌Type the abcs intill you get to the first letter of your name how many letters did you have to type?
‌Among Us or Roblox?🥰
‌Haha i took your space bar.
‌Show me proof that you copy link.
‌We switched zodiac signs what is my zodiac?
‌How many likes does video above me have?
‌How many views did your most popular video have
‌Do you have your dream user?
‌If you idol is 15+ you have to copy link.
‌Tag the person above me.
‌Has your idol got 30mil
‌Whats ur dream job?
‌If you this read wrong you have to copylink!
‌Have you ever been to Disneyland?
‌What is your mood right now.
‌How many followers does the person above me have?
‌Have you got your dads last name?
‌If you have red on your shirt you have to copy link!
‌Do you prefer showers or baths?
‌Have you got your own bedroom?
‌Can u type a blank comment?
‌Do you want to bring vsco back?
‌Do you know how to make slime? (ib: nikolinaspica)
‌If your birthday is in one of these months you have to copy link ....
‌Tag my last follower!
‌Do you prefer watching movies or reading books?
‌Do you play any sport/sports
‌Make an among us code with your eyes closed.
‌What's your aesthetic?
‌Are you aesthetic?
‌If u were famous what would u call ur fandom?
‌Would u get tattoo of ur recent emoji?
‌What’s a fandom that u might join?
‌Claim an emoji before it’s taken.
‌Draw a star on your keyboard and see what u get.
‌Type hello if you want me to rate ur acc.
‌Tag someone who has a user similar to urs.
‌Your percentage is ur chance of meeting ur idol.
‌What are the hardest things about being a fan page?
‌Adds k to ur percentage and that’s how many followers u will gain in 202-.
‌Are u born in the same month as your idol?
‌What’s a fandom that u will never join?
‌Are u in a rare fandom?
‌What’s ur fandoms hate name?
‌What’s a fandom that u might join?
‌Claim a white emoji before it's taken.
‌Do you wear makeup?
‌Do you know how to do makeup
‌Do you know how to swim?
‌Do you prefer the pool or the sea? (ib: nikolinaspica)
‌Do you like seafood?
‌Do you like to travel?
‌Did you watch Disney channel as a child?
‌Are you watching this on Fyp or Following?
‌Would you let your son paint his nails?
‌Cakes or cupcakes?
‌Cola or Sprite?
‌How many views does your hashtag has?
‌Are you editing fp or a question fp?
‌What's the police number in your country?
‌If you can't type œ your phone is fake.
‌What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
‌Who is your favorite from the kardashian & jenner sisters?
‌type [angel] for a surprise!
‌If you could change ur name what would it be?
‌Only people who watched 5 minute crafts can like. (ib: nikolinaspica)
‌Write your birthday as time
‌Are you left handed or right handed?
‌What's your followers goal by the end of 2021?
‌Do you think Gordon Ramsay is iconic (ib:nikolinaspica)
‌Would you steal my videos if they didn't had watermarks?
‌Are you in the hamster cult?
‌Is it Allah or Jesus for you?
‌Whats one fandom you never see on ur fyp?
‌Do your parents check ur phone?
‌Do ur parents know you have this account?
‌Do you see (ur idols name) as a softie or a baddie?
‌Do you have a secret talent
‌Who do you think is going 100 hit 100 mil next?
‌C-link if you wish you had more actives!
‌Have you got an "ily" today?
‌Do you follow your idol on instagram?
‌What two zodiacs created you?
‌My accounts a hotel,from 1-5 how much stars do you rate it?
‌All emojis are getting deleted! You can keep 5 of them! Which ones are they?
‌Do you prefer aesthetic or cafe themes?
‌How many wifi bars do you have right now?
‌How many views does your hashtag have?
‌Is your tiktok on light or dark mode right now? ib: charsreallize
‌Do you have dunkin/dunkin donuts in your country?
‌Say "fuck you" in your language!
‌Do you think i'm a nice fanpage?
‌Do you prefer iced coffee or hot coffee?
‌Do you wear a unfirom to school?
‌Tag your last follower and say thank you! ib: turtleaddiso
‌Girls under 10 ask questions, and girls 10+ answer them
‌Do you think being a fanpage is hard?
‌Do you feel like your account is growing or dying?
‌Do you wear your mask around your friends?
‌Do you think fanpages made vont popular
‌What social media are you most active on? ib: .keepcharls
‌Do you think dancing is a talent?
‌If tiktok posted ur drafts, would you be embarassed? ib: toffisunkiee
‌Does any of your classmates have the same name as you? ib: vaicd
‌Do you think dancing is a talent?
‌Have you read a book this year?
‌Did you watch all Harry Potter movies?
‌Make an assumption about me in the comments and if i like your comment that means that u are right!!
‌What's your dream job?
‌Have you ever been banned from live?
‌Have you ever been to Disneyland

Captions and bios


⌗ ur name : ๑ ˚ ͙۪۪̥◌ 🧾꒱
✿ // 🐩 ︴fanpage
↷♡ ꒱..° ilysm❕ ༊
˚⌗🥡・idols name / ur name 𓂃 ⊹
𓏲 ˖. ♡̷̸ pronounce ◞🥢⟠ ࣪ .
ꗃ 𓈈 anything here𓂃 !

ᰔ hi bub ꗃ
ʚ₊˚. ✿ ꒱she/her
↠ cc/tc 𓄹

📢⌇𝐦𝐲 socials ! ↑ ˚˖⁺
ʚ₊˚‧ ✿ ꒱ 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢 fanpage ! ᰔ
— not impersonating ❕

𖧧𖤣 confeттι⌇🍧
❝she/her❝ 𓍯
⌗ cc __ 🍨


𖤐 caption template!𖤐┊⋒┊𝐈𝐁:__ !<𝟑┊꒰⏰꒱(hour) ◡̈┊⋆@charlidamelio (tag)┊꒰🗓꒱(date)┊⚡︎𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐬:

🍧 ❝ Put something here❝ 𓈈 s/o⌇🍄⌇𖧧𖤣 taggies⚛︎:

✎//𝗜𝗕: // ꒰⚡︎꒱ 𝗗𝗧: @ // ꒰⚡︎꒱:: 𝗦/𝗢 :: 𝗻𝗼𝗯𝗼𝗱𝘆 // {⏰}:: 13:00 𝗣𝗠 // {🗒️}:: 𝗧 𝗔 𝗚 𝗦:#...

役職⊹˚˖ ༊ 🍥 𓈈 caption ⬫ִׄ ﹌ ︴𓂅𝗜𝗕: ┊꩜┊ 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐠𝐢𝐞𝐬: 𓂅 『 』

┊𝐈𝐁 :: ┊𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 { 🕰️} :: ꒰ ꒱┊𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐳🏷️: ( caption ideas :) )

☻︎☕︎︎//𝐈𝐁:://꒰🐚꒱ 𝐃𝐓:ur idol//꒰✉️꒱𝗠𝗘:://꒰🥛꒱::𝗠𝗼𝗼𝗱: ☺︎︎/☹︎//꒰🗒꒱::𝗧𝗔𝗚𝗦// for captoin anyone

My Roblox avatar

Hey! I want to share my Roblox avatar with you! My bestie gave me the idea of the clothes!! Total: 158 robux