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Because confidence brings out the best inspiration

Aspired to inspire women everywhere, Galeri Matahari is your idyllic fashion professional for an affordable service and products.

With an authentic yet aesthetic concept, every product is weaved with love and wrapped with affection. Thus, get Galeri Matahari to craft a gift just for you.

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Galeri Matahari's top picks for hijabis

Our top recommendations for our beloved women

The Melor - Bawal Cotton Voile

With a price as low as RM 10, this Bawal Cotton Voile has been the choice of many. The Melor offers high quality materials at affordable prices with a neat baby seam finishing.

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The Orkid - Shawl Satin Matte Premium

You will shine from afar with our premium material. The awning of this shawl is easy to shape and very comfortable for all women out there. With a price of rm 18, you will be more confident than usual l.

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The Anggerik - Shawl Pleated Heavy Chiffon

These neat wrinkles are available on this Shawl Pleated Heavy Chiffon offered by Galeri Matahari for only RM 20. Without the need for ironing, this totally suitable for women who are concerned about time!

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The Dahlia - Shawl Jersey Premium

The combination of elastic and cold fabric material is available at a price of RM 18 only! This is our Shawl Jersey Premium for women who are cool but look sweet at the same time.

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The Melati - Shawl Cotton Eyelash

This flowy shawl absolutely for hijabista out there who love fashion. Its increase your confidence and you gonna look stunning with this unique finishing. This finishing eyelash, The Melati will highlights your beauty for only rm 20.

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The Chempaka - Shawl Bubble Satin

This soft and shiny fabric texture is the choice of elegant women. Our Shawl Bubble Satin is easily styled for hijabista for the price of RM 20 only!

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The Lilia - Wideshawl Heavy chiffon

This material is very comfortable to wear by any hijabistas. Its easy to wear, soft and heavy athe same time. The Lilia obviously will change your day more cheerfully for only RM 18.

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The Seroja - Bawal Heavy chiffon

As beautiful as the name of the flower itself, The Seroja is our Bawal Heavy Chiffon for beautiful women out there. With a price of RM 14 only, the material is very suitable for use all the time because its not too hard or even too soft!

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