Neutral description

It's time to spread the truth through light.

I'm a spiritual being in a human body. I do more then just survive on earth and pay my bills.

I meditate and live a conscious lifestyle. My goal is to awaken the people to who they truly are. My conscious life began on summer 17. At that point, my whole life shifted to a place I cannot describe in words. I connected to my true self and gained strength to repair my spaceship.

Things that makes me more conscious

most basic things

• Healthy and balanced diet
• Reading books abou consciousness
• Don't overthink
• Be light and speak the truth

Realign your chakras & meditation

I start with basic knowledge. Your spine is the center of the universe. From there everything comes into existence. Along the spine there are 7 chakras or so called energy centers. These energy centers are relevant for certain fundamental functions which are affecting your body, mind & soul.

Therefore it is for sure very important to keep a balance between all of them to have the strength to live a life you want and keep it.

7 Chakras explained

High vibrational diet

A healthy and balanced diet is fundamental to raise your vibration and be at the constant peak level of consciousness. You are what you eat, so don't be shit.

Haha, I'm joking but I guess y'all know what I mean...

Do's and Dont's

Gain knowledge

It does not depend on your age if you are old or not. My opinion is, if you think that you know everything you are old. That doesn't mean that it's good. I recommend to constantly seek for the truth to expand your inner map until you can visualize it as a feeling in you. There are many books and articles around the world wide web about consciousness, it's functions, ancient wisdom and your true nature. Go for it!

Learn techniques and use them!

There are so many techniques that lead you to enlightened states and to get rid of negative thoughts and a negative mindset. It depends on how you feel about them.

My recommendation to start are basic meditations to calm your mind. I also use a very simple method of stop thinking 12 times a day for 2-5 seconds to open a gap in your cycle of thoughts. One day you will only think what you want to think and give your own meaning in it. Don't react to your circumstances, be the creator of your reality.