The a reel affair 21 day challenge

Is a powerful mastermind for women in business looking to upgrade there confidence in themselves to get on camera confidently. So they can leverage the power of reels and social media to attract their ideal clients and grow their business generating the financial freedom they have been dreaming of.

This is your time to back yourself, gain that confidence and have your business working for you instead of you working for it.

😣Are shying away from jumping on camera, seldomly showing up?

😣Are you lacking the unshakable mindset that is holding you back from getting the results you know you’re capable of achieving.

😣Are you constantly posting but seeing no real results, a lack of engagement and no leads coming through?

😣Are you feeling a lake of momentum and loosing the spark that you had when you first started?

😣Are you missing community in your day to day leaving you feeling like you’re doing it all alone and seeing no real progress?

⚡️Are you ready to back yourself and make things happen?

⚡️Are you ready to build up that unshakable confidence you need to reach your goals?

⚡️Are you ready for strategies that will push the needle for your business allowing you to create the financial freedom you have been dreaming of?

If you answered yes any of the top 5 and yes to the last 3 this is for you.

This is your time, right now. The time is never right but backing yourself for 21 day is all you need to set the foundations you need to prosper.

I know what you're thinking but jessiah is the challenge just about posting reels?

The answer is no this is much more than posting reels.

In this mastermind container.

We will build the foundations of the 4 key elements to leveraging instagram so you can upgrade your current situation and reach those goals that seem to be out of reach.

⚡️Sales generation
⚡️Unlocking the confidence within yourself

Combine these 4 elements and you have a winner.

This powerful 21 day challenge round 2 starts Monday the 26th July.

To find out more book in your free 15min strategy call to get all the details for this game changing 21 days.

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Reels Made For You

Reels can be an overwhelming task especially figuring out how to use them to attract your ideal client, then filming them and editing them without having a conniption. But I am here to make that a thing of the past.

This is for anyone who has been using reels already or someone thinking about getting into it. My purpose is to get you confidently reeling so you can leveraging the power of reels to grow your business while saving time and the stress of putting them together.

What to expect
⚡️You and me having a heap of fun
⚡️You confidently reeling
⚡️Content that is going to attract your ideal client
⚡️You saving a boat load of time and grey hairs

But this also generally comes up
⚡️Getting clear on your goals you have and how video content can help you reach them.
⚡️Challenges that you’re having with video content and set out a plan and strategy to overcome them.
⚡️Look over your video to see what we can improve on and change up.

The finished product
6 reels ready for you to upload and post.

Your investment

Book in a free 15min strategy call below to mastermind a plan of attack to get you confidently reeling.