About me

Some things about me!

Hi! Im gamer_love_pinky but you can call me Hope! Im 11 years old and i love playing roblox and among us! i have my account for around 1 year now. Before i always showed my face and voice. But a few months later i went from funny content with my face and voice to a roblox account that doesnt show my face a lot! Most people dont know but i have a fan page account named @addixxcharr. I have this account for around a month and have 1K!!

Roblox games

Roblox games i like

this are roblox games i play the most and are really fun!

Adopt me

Adopt me is one of the most popular games on roblox! I think is super fun! Before it was kinda boring but the new update is really fun

Overlook bay

A lot of people say overlook bay is a copy of adopt me but i dont think so! Its has a lot of things adopt me doesnt have and its just very diffrent. I really like this game cuz it has a lot of things to do and im never bored. And just get gems very fast!


A lot of people say trator is a copy of murder mistery 2. But i dont think so. They are totally diffrent games. Diffrent maps, roles have diffrent names and much more (murder mistery is fun too)

Tower of fun

Tower of fun is similar to tower of h3ll. But it has checkpoints on every stage and it has 11 stages. I made it to the top 25 times cuz ive been playing a lot. Its like easier tower of h3ll.

Color block tower

This is the same as color block but it has only 3 levels. And they dont disapear after you walk on a platform. The game gives you a color and you have 2-5 seconds to get to the color. If you dont make it you fall.

Thank you for checking out this website! I hope you got to know me better and found some fun games to play in roblox!

Remember that you are beautiful! Stay positive