About Sandy

Creating ocean scenes to connect with

I'm an ocean artist, renowned for producing unique and vibrant ocean artworks . As a surfer and lover of all things oceanic I find inspiration in capturing the Majestic flow of the ocean with stunning fresh surf blues and turquoises.

If you're interested in learning more about me and what influences me, follow the link below! xx

Youtube channel

Sandy Gaskett Art

Visit my YouTube channel to see Studio vlogs,and fun art tutorials uploaded regularly

Using my dried out HIMI paints

Miniature journal - mini beach wave

Christmas cards with Gouache paints

Scariest road trip ever! (and some art)

Drone art work

Studio Vlog Nov 2020 - Candy coloured oceans

Painting a pot plant

Varnish and hang ur painting like a BOSS!

Paint a vinyl record!

My commission process - start to finish!

Painting the Great Wave off Kanagawa

MIYA / HIMI jelly gouache review | 3 Oceanscapes

Paint a rolling sparkly wave

Margaret River [art] trip #1

Margaret River [art] trip #2

Margaret River [art] trip #3

Sunset mini wave!

Collab ocean wave painting

Doing my first Skillshare Class - Seascape painting

Painting a coffee cup ocean artwork

Making the most of our Lockdown

Painting a big wave in acrylics - Studio day

Digital birdseye beach artwork

Painting a Tropical Scene – Studio cleanup & backyard tour

Easy Wave Tutorial

Painting waves on the beach

Painting with my GIRL GANG !