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Just a 27 year old self made, brand trainer with a love and passion for guiding others! As we age, we would like to do it with elegance and charm. I have found that here with particular platform.

I must say that my perspective on self development changed in the fall of 2019.. I was in search for something new. I knew I needed an extra income to pay off my debt and build a savings for my home. At first, I just wanted healthier more manageable hair..

Really, I had nothing to lose. If I could make money from my phone part time- why not?

Little did I know I have made 4x my initial investment in less than 2 months... and going.

The beautiful thing is that I am able to fit it into my full time career. The beautiful thing is that I have quadrupled my personal development in just 3 1/2 months.. The most rewarding part about it all is the change I have not only seen in my hair and skin, but in those who have taken the chance and tried these products for themselves.

My friends and family, my peers and colleagues have had amazing results. not only in the aesthetic but in the actual mental growth. Mindset is everything and I know who ever wants this will claim it!

Just like I did. I joined and I am not looking back. Its one of the most amazing feelings to have support. community and people who actually truly want to help you grow and succeed.

the rest is priceless.

Mind you, my team has been able to:

- spend unlimited amount of time with their family and children

- open financial savings account for the future

- pay off their student loans

- credit card debt - severe amounts

- quit their jobs if they chose to do so

- picked up their Cadillac in 6-9 months

- decided to create several forms of income

- retire their mother/father or husband/wife

- have been on several paid trips all inclusive

The opportunities are limitless, its really up to you!

Before you think this isn’t possible for you, I’m here to tell you it IS! Let me guide you. Whether you’re a doctor, stay at home momma, accountant, lawyer, hair stylist, real-estate agent, teacher, nurse, influencer, etc., I want you to know this GROUND LEVEL opportunity will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Fill out #myownceo application on the first page ⬅️ and let’s make the life of your dreams become a reality.

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My goal:

X Help you gain confidence

X Share the love

X Inspire you


Nadya Catherine Perez


Your Beauty Guru

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Your Beauty Guru