Updates and annoncments

Tuesday, June, 8th 2021: We now have a webssite, maybe we'll get a tumble or instagram

The homepage of the gay frog cult website

This website is mostly private, and needs a link to be acessed.

This is the gay frog cult official website. Here the members can communicate better. We can post images, videos and texts as well as links to other websites. Perfect for us fellow gay frogs. We can make a gay frog playlist and use this to share gay frog resources as we join together to fight the straight toads together.


About the gay frog cult and it's members.

The founder of the Gay Frog Cult is Ari . W (Rainbow)

Founding year: 2020

Current year: 2021

Active?: Yes, very

The current leader is: Ari . W (Rainbow)

Leaders apprentice (second in command): Comrade Diablos

All leaders: Ari . W Rainbow (current)

All leaders apprentices: Comrade Diablos (current)

Current status: Active and growing

Total Member count: Around nine

Active members: Around five

Over 50% of Members are active almost daily.

Happiness level (with the cult): 😁

Common slang

Some common slang, used by fellow gay frogs

Gay frog cult slang

Gay frog: Fellow member

Comrade: Addressing a fellow member

Straight toad: straight person

Anti frog: homophobe

JYP: (insult) Idiot

Poble: (insult) Idiot

Gay panic: When the gay hits you so hard you panic

Rainbow: In reference to anything gay

Theme song: In reference to our song. "Alex Jones Gay Frog remix by: placeboing"